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Facebook Contest: Rebecca Goings

You know what, Freaking Facebook is not playing along so I am moving it here. Make a comment and you get your chance to win a PDF copy of the Spider Prince!
Now, to our first author, Rebecca Goings!


He vowed never to love again. Then he met her.
Amani Bantish has been passed over five times for marriage. She fears she has no hope for a husband until finally, the Spider Prince accepts her as his bride. Not for love, but to bear him an heir.
Two years ago, Ziyad Bihar lost his first wife, Karis, and their unborn son under the hooves of a raider’s horse. No one else could possibly compare to the woman he’d once loved, therefore his new bride will not be his princess.
But Ziyad cannot deny that the more he gets to know Amani, the more he fantasizes about his minx of a wife. Yet his loyalty to Karis pulls him deeper into his despair. When Amani’s life is threatened by the very man responsible for Karis’s death, Ziyad realizes he must fight for the woman he loves, or risk losing it all again.
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He is determined to save her–no matter the cost.
Yasmin is haunted by a malevolent spirit. She can hear its voice, feel its presence–and it wants her dead. Her only hope is the protection of the Jackal Prince, the very man she saved from death so long ago.
Siraj Pramtash is overjoyed when Yasmin asks for his protection. He’s been searching for her for years, ever since she healed his mortal wound as a child. He never forgot her striking beauty–or her lavender eyes. Now that she is a woman, Yasmin takes his breath away.
The spirit pursuing her rocks his caravan, but the Jackal will not be moved. In a desperate bid to keep her under his god’s protection, he marries her. But fate has much more in store for them than a mere demon from Kaldaeron.
When the truth is faced head-on, the Jackal’s faith in his god is shaken, yet he is determined to save his princess–or die trying.
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Coming in April to Carnal Press


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23 Comments on “Facebook Contest: Rebecca Goings

  1. I’m glad you moved your contest to your blog. I’ve never joined Facebook because of all of the complaints my friends have made about it. I’m a Twitter girl all the way 🙂

    Please enter me into the contest for The Spider Prince. Thank you for the great giveaway!

    user1123 AT comcast DOT net

  2. Honestly the title kinda freaks me out (I hate spiders, lol) BUT the blurb and the excerpt well actually just the blurb sold me on this book! Thanks for sharing as I have never heard of this author and this sounds like a good book to start with.

  3. This sounds really good. Please enter me in the contest.

    I am also glad you moved it here mainly because I refuse to be on Facebook.

    Happy Release Day. I can’t wait to read The Spy Who Loved Her.

  4. Thanks for moving the contest here! I only use facebook to keep in touch with my long distance family members.

    That blurb sounds great though I am with RED, I HATE spiders! LOL

    mdwartistry at yahoo dot com

  5. This book ROCKS! I love ALL the Princes of Jikkar books. This one’s cover is my favorite because of the colors but the entire series is SOO awesome!

    If you don’t have the book, I suggest you pick it up!

    Donica Covey
    P.S. Please do NOT enter me in the contest, I already have a copy of this book.

  6. Another new author for me to get addicted to, lol. Sooo many books… soo little time *fingers crossed* Sorry about the FB issues Mel and Congratulations on the release! Thank you!!

  7. Don’t enter me in this contest, but I wanted to pop in and say that this entire series is absolutely fantastic!!! The covers are amazing, but the stories are even better! I can’t get enough of it and I will be sooo sad when it’s over. Can’t wait for the Jackal’s story:)


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