DID YOU HEAR??????????????????? - Melissa Schroeder

DID YOU HEAR???????????????????

Well, I have to interrupt the contest today for a post that makes me so proud, I hope you don’t mind. Back in 2004, the orginal publisher wasn’t sure if they should publish A Little Harmless Sex. My editor at the time, Linda Kusiolek, convinced them they should do it. When I saw the opportunity to expand the book and get it out in print with Samhain, I was excited. It was rereleased in Feb of 2007. And, in 2010, it was named one of the top selling NOOKBOOKS on B and N!!!! I want to thank all of my readers, Linda, and my publisher, Samhain Publishing, for believing in this series. You all are the greatest. On and I think this calls for a celebration manmeat.

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  1. Major Congrats, Mel!!! That is fantastic news.

    I’ve read “A Little Harmless Sex” more than once and love it. It’s enthralling, super sexy and very sensual too.


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