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Delilah’s Downfall now up for PREORDER

Hey, everyone! The sequel to Conquering India is now up for preorder.

Delilah’s Downfall
Texas Temptations #2

Delilah Gonzales loves cowboys. She has from very early in her life. But, those in her hometown didn’t show much interest, or respect, so she has sworn them off. Plus, she always seems to fall head over heels for them and they always seem to leave. That’s before she gets hired as the Bartlett Ranch’s cook and housekeeper. When she is faced with not one, but four, gorgeous brothers, she finds herself reevaluating her cowboy ban.

The Bartlett Brothers have been looking for a woman for all them. They each have different needs, wants, and Delilah seems to be the one to fill them all. It doesn’t take long before they have her in their bed. But, when she is faced with choosing them over her family, will she stand up to her overbearing brothers, or leave the brothers with broken hearts?


Delilah spread her lips wider, trying to take more of Shane into her mouth, but like his brothers, it was a hard task. All of their cocks were wide and long, and with each thrust she could feel him bump against the back of her throat.
God, he tasted good. Nothing had ever felt as good as having four men loving her. She could feel two tongues moving over her nipples. Justin slipped his tongue up and over her clit again and again, getting her so close to her orgasm she closed her eyes against the pressing of tears. The moment he pulled her clit between his lips, an orgasm slammed through her, bursting over her flesh, causing her to buck and shiver with pleasure.
“Damn,” Mason said, his voice filled with awe. “She is fucking beautiful.”
As soon as he said it, Justin pressed down on her clit with his thumb, sending her up and over again, her orgasm slamming into her with as much force as the last one. She was dizzy with delight, her body still shivering from her release. All of them moved away from her, except for Shane. She took him fully in her mouth, sliding her tongue over his cock. Raising her hand, she stroked his balls, teasing them as she doubled her efforts. She could feel the gazes of the other three men on her as she took Shane into her mouth again and again. His fingers clenched her hair as he began to move in rhythm with her. With a long, drawn-out groan, he thrust into her mouth and came. The warm liquid shot down her throat.
Moments later she pulled back and licked her lips. When she opened her eyes, she found Shane staring at her with warmth in his expression and in his eyes. He bent down and kissed her. Not a hard, demanding kiss, but one filled with tenderness and affection. With her body warm from her orgasms, and ready for more, the action had her head spinning and her heart quivering. Before she was ready, he was pulling away and positioning her on the bed with her head at the foot of it. She was confused at first, until she saw Jessie moving in front of her.
Justin settled next to her, smiling as he pulled her up and over his body. She shivered when his condom-encased dick pulsed against her pussy. The bed dipped behind her. She looked over her shoulder and saw Mason with a bottle of lube in his hands.
“Can you take us?” he asked, his gaze direct.
She threaded her bottom lip through her teeth. The sane side of her brain screamed in denial. She had done this before, but not with men so big. But something else snuck into her mind. The thought of being completely taken by all four of them, the pleasure of having three of them in her body at once had her libido out of control.
She knew from Justin’s expression he would stop if she asked. But she didn’t want him to. She wanted this. She needed this more than she thought possible.
She turned back to Justin and leaned down to kiss him. Their mouths met slowly, tenderly. His tongue glided over her lips and then past her teeth. Instead of the frenzied smooch she had expected, this was sensual, passionate, loving.
She pulled away and looked at Jessie. He stood in front of her at the foot of the bed, stroking his penis.
“Take him.” The order came from Shane. She knew from their time together, and tonight, that while not the oldest, he was the one in charge when they were in the bedroom. She glanced at him. The hard look he gave her should have scared her. At the very least it should have made her think twice. Instead, it pushed her arousal even higher. She knew from earlier that day that, for some odd reason, she responded to his dominant demands. A part of her wanted to please him. It went against every independent bone in her body, but she didn’t think to question it at the moment.
She slipped her hand over Jessie’s cock as he moved closer to her. She looked up at him as she took him into her mouth, swiping her tongue over the head of his cock. His head dropped back, and he groaned. She took him fully into her mouth, allowing the head to bump the back of her throat.
“Fuck,” he said.
“She is lethal with her mouth,” Shane said, his voice no longer as strong as it had been before.
Just as she was getting completely into sucking Jessie, Mason slipped a lube-coated finger into her anus. The shock of cold lube and the pinch of pain made her moan. As he continued to work into her backside, Justin started to enter her pussy. She pulled away from Jessie and watched Justin’s face as he slipped into her. His eyes slid closed as she contracted her muscles around his cock.
“Damn, woman,” he barely choked out. “You’re going to kill me.”
She smiled down at him, but the smile faded the moment she felt Mason’s cock at her back entrance. Justin slipped his hands to her rear, holding her cheeks apart to help.
“Delilah.” Jessie tapped her lips with the tip of his cock, the pearly essence of him smearing her lips. She took him into her mouth again. As she did, Mason entered her, moving slowly. The shock of pain was stronger this time, but it did not take him long before he worked his way past the tight ring of muscles. The moment he sank completely into her, he groaned.
“Fucking hell,” Jessie said.
She lifted herself up to work her mouth on Jessie more easily as the brothers started to move within her. With each thrust, they pushed her closer, inching her to the edge. Justin took a nipple into his mouth, pulling it between his teeth and swiping a tongue over it. The caress shot heat straight to her pussy, her body shivering as she neared her orgasm.
“That’s it, take him all in.”
She barely registered Shane’s voice, but he was standing next to his brother, watching as she took him in and out of her mouth. Mason smacked her ass as he continued to thrust into her. Their movements became more frenzied as she pulled Jessie into her mouth one last time. He came, and the heated cum hit the back of her throat.
“That’s it, Delilah, suck it all down,” Jessie ordered as his shaft pulsed inside of her mouth. He pulled back and then bent down to kiss her, his fingers gliding over her face.
 “You’re the best.”
He moved away as his brothers doubled their efforts. Every instinct had her inching closer, pushing her. Need filled her as they thrust in and out of her, and it didn’t take long before Justin thrust into her one last time as he shouted her name. Mason followed a moment later, groaning out her name as he filled her completely.
As they moved away from her, she moaned. Her body was still shivering. It was still in need.


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