Summer of Love: Entice Me at Twilight - Melissa Schroeder

Summer of Love: Entice Me at Twilight

Woo hoo! Shayla Black’s upcoming release is almost there. I love Duke and I really love this series. If you have not read it, do yourself a favor and get them and read the rest before this book comes out.

Shayla’s 411



Felicia gnawed her lip. Fear detonated in her belly.

Then the blond one, Bram, spoke. “Time is up. Duke, now.”

“Then go,” Mason spat and turned back to Duke, his half-brother. “I will not postpone my wedding based on hearsay. I’m marrying the woman I love tonight. And you won’t stop me.”

“I regret that saving Felicia will further deteriorate our relationship, but not enough to risk her. You shouldn’t either, if you truly love her.”

“How dare you suggest…” Fury etched his face, then his voice turned deadly calm. “Leave. You’re no longer invited.”

“Throwing me out of my own house will not keep her safe. This…criminal chasing her is more depraved than you can possibly imagine.”

Another truth.

Felicia had more than enough information to be certain of her next move. Time to speak up—and make her choice.

“Why me?” she asked, stepping out of her hiding place, into the light.

Hurstgrove whirled toward her, visibly relieved to see her in one piece. “I’ll explain later.” Then he reached for her. “If you want to live, take my hand and come with me. Now.”


Shayla has been kind enough to offer up a print copy of Possess Me at Midnight. Tell my your favorite type of paranormal book or your favorite Brethren book so far for your chance.


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8 Comments on “Summer of Love: Entice Me at Twilight

  1. I love all the Doomsday Brethen books but if I had to pick a favorite it would be Possess Me At Midnight. I really enjoyed Ice’s character.

  2. My favorite kind of paranormal is probably a well-done vampire story. To be honest, I was never very into the stories with witches and wizards – except for The Doomsday Brethren series. I’m TOTALLY hooked on these guys *le sigh*
    My favorite DB book is Entice Me at Twilight. OMG I LOOOOVE Duke – he’s like the ultimate romantic hero.
    Don’t enter me in the contest, I already have my own well-worn copy of Possess Me at Midnight ;0)

  3. Hi,

    My favourite paranormal is dragonshifters…sigh.

    Sorry, I haven’t read a Brethen book yet, but they are on my wishlist.

    Oh, and the covers are pretty delickable too.

    Maybe I will get lucky here??? Hehe!!!

    in Germany

  4. Let’s see. Favorite paranormal???? Too had to pick really. Vampire, werewolves, shifters, magic-kind. If its written well and an entertaining story I enjoy it.

    I don’t think I can pick a favorite Doomsday book but regardless I’m a Shock fan.

  5. Favorite Paranormal – typically vampire and shapeshifters. But honestly this series is unique and the world building is great I totally love it <3.
    Ice’s book is by far my favorite to date, but I luv Duke and this story…WOW
    No need to enter me I own multiple copies 🙂
    Hi Shayla and Mel!!!

  6. I have read and enjoyed TEMPT ME… but have not gotten the others yet.
    I am a big fan of shifters. The variety out there and the ways different authors bring them to life is fascinating!!!

  7. I kind of like them all, but I have a slight preference for shifters, especially big cats or dragons 🙂

    Thanks for sharing today!

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