Summer of Love: A Little Harmless Obsession - Melissa Schroeder

Summer of Love: A Little Harmless Obsession

It is the last day of Summer of Love and it is going to be a HARMLESS day. Now, remember, I have all the names gathered up, and yes, I am going to get all the other winners posted. Tomorrow, I will be posting the winner of the reader who will have the choice of a Nook or Kindle. Just a warning, I am on the road even as this is posted(I scheduled it) and we have a ton of running around to do when we get home. So I hope I can get on and chat but it might be late tonight.

But, today, we have A Little Harmless Obsession.

A Little Harmless Obsession
coming Sept 21, 2010

What begins as a quest for submission becomes an unrelenting need for love.

May Aiona’s crush on sexy Evan Chambers is a bad habit that should be easy to break. It’s not like he’s ever noticed her. Looking for a safe place to release the reins of control and explore her curiosity about BDSM, May takes a friend up on an invitation to visit an exclusive bondage club—all she has to agree to is a public submission.

Evan can’t help but notice the exotically beautiful May. But despite his success, the dirty secrets of his past whisper that he’ll never be good enough for her. When Evan sees her standing in his club ready to submit to his best friend, he gives in to the thing he wants most—May as his sub. After their session, he knows one night will never be enough. But loving May isn’t easy for a man always ready to take charge. She might like to submit in the bedroom, but she doesn’t like anyone telling her what to do outside of it.

When May insists she’s not in any danger from the person seemingly obsessed with her, she ends up in the sights of a deranged stalker—with Evan possibly too far away to help.

Warning: This book contains sexy Hawaiian settings, crazy relatives, and a submission scene that leaves the heroine breathless and the hero frustrated. There are toys, bondage, and love scenes so hot, you’ll need ice water and a towel. Remember, it’s a Harmless story, so you know there’s nothing harmless about it.

“There are no rules against showing your pleasure. It will help me understand what you want…need from me.”

He rolled one nipple between his fingers. A low moan escaped. “That’s good.”
With one last soft pinch to each nipple, he released her and unhooked the restraints from the ceiling. Rubbing his hands down her arms, he led her toward the middle of the platform. A crinkle formed above her eyes telling him she was confused. While some Doms got off on keeping a sub completely in the dark, and it did have its place in some training, a new sub needed to know the basics to ease their nerves. Anticipation was one thing, being skittish was another thing all together.
“I don’t like leaving anyone in that position for too long. It’s not good for the circulation, and it really isn’t the ideal position for what I had in mind.”

Evan couldn’t keep the excitement or need out of his voice. He wasn’t sure she could recognize it. His body screamed to conquer, to take her as his, but he knew it wouldn’t happen. It was his job to initiate her, nothing else. The idea that he would never touch her after tonight ate at him He led her down the stairs to one of his favorite pieces of equipment. Shaped like a gymnasium horse, it could be lowered in height and provided hooks on the side for her restraints. He still said nothing, knowing that the silence added a level of tension that would bring her a more glorious release in the end.

Without a word, he pressed on her lower back, urging her forward. Soon he had her bent over, her cuffs hooked on, and her ass in the perfect position for the ultimate viewing experience for the audience. He’d made sure the audio had been turned off for them, although he knew that had not been Micah’s intention. But he wanted music for the two of them, just for them. After he picked out his favorite playlist, one that always reminded him of May, the smooth, sensual voice of Lauryn Hill filled the room. He moved the paddle into grabbing distance.

Not being able to resist, he placed both hands on the fullest part of her ass and squeezed. She rarely wore jeans or pants to work, so seeing the actual shape of her rear didn’t happen that often. Still, it wouldn’t matter after tonight. Every time he closed his eyes he would probably see it. Lord knows he’d dream of taking her from behind. He slid his hands up and over to the small of her back. His fingers trembled and he had to grit his teeth to fight the desire to slip them between her cheeks, into the small puckered hole. She tensed slightly. With one last lingering caress, he moved to pick up the paddle.

“I glanced at your questionnaire.” He rubbed the padded toy over her rear end. “You seem to have a…shall we call it…interest in spankings.”

Up for grabs??? A copy each of A Little Harmless Sex and A Little Harmless Pleasure. All you have to do is tell me what kind of Harmless book you would like to see in the future? What genre?


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  1. I have been waiting forever for this novel!!!! i am sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Excited it is finally out …..mine mine mine lol

  2. I would like to see an anthology, where you could pick up people from the island and make little shorts of this stories, would be a hot bed time read, what to name that i am sooo drawing a blank…

  3. Ooh, I LOVE Tina’s idea–I am a huge sucker for anthologies, and love that idea of picking people you’ve introduced to give us a little peek at a Harmless point in their lives 🙂 Or giving us little scenes where we catch up with the couples we’ve already read about… Because MORE, please! More! MORE!!! 😀

  4. Oh, or since you do historicals SO beautifully, I’d love to pick up somebody’s ancestor’s story… A grandmother? Great-great grandfather? Or even further back? Or a futuristic, based on someone’s granddaughter or something!

  5. I refuse to read the excerpt. I will wait until I have it in hand. It would drive me crazy and you know it.

    As for what I’d like to see. You really do need A Little Harmless Menage. I love the anthology-revisit idea too.

  6. What Tina said ;0) Also, I love Fedora’s ideas!! And Brandy, I’m with you – can’t read the excerpt and I’d love a little harmless poly-amorous action O.O
    Don’t enter me in the book contest, I already have my well-loved copies of Max’s story and Chris’ story *le sigh*
    Thanks Mel for your AWESOME stories *hugs*

  7. Oh man,Mel, the wait has been so worth it. Great job on the trailer, you picked out some great music to go with it too.

    I’m with Annmarie, a little something in the paranormal family would be a kick. A psychic maybe, for a little harmless magic.

  8. Hey, everyone! I am enjoying your answers so far:) One thing with the Harmless books is that they will always be contemporary. That is sort of the brand of them. I do have books, ie my free reads, that go along with the books. In fact, I will write one for May and Evan and release it next summer before the print release.

    As for Sci Fi, I do have one coming from Samhain, The Last Detail. It will be next year. The heroine in the book is a sort of Bounty Hunter, who lures the hero, who has a bounty on his head, into an apartment to tie him up then take him in…but things get out of hand. LOL.
    I am also working on Mastering Robbie, which is connected to my sci fi releases at EC, Seducing the Saint and Hunting Mila.
    Historical…I will say that The Spy who Loved Her is much hotter in my opinion than the other books, and the sequel, uncontracted, but partially written, is VERY hot. I am still editing The Spy Who Loved Her and I think that one will actually come in at right about 80K:)

  9. First, forgot to apologize for one big answer. I am still unpacking and my brain is mush.
    And, secondly, I forgot to say that there will be a menage. I have two of the people, but not sure who the third will be. I had a guy picked out, then a heroine popped up, a woman he left “to protect” and she ain’t too happy with him, lol. But, Zeke and Jess, who make an appearance in A Little Harmless Lie, are going to be part of a menage. Just have to find the second guy.

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