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Just an FYI

First, I am out of town at the moment. I have the blog set up to post every day while I am gone:) So, if I do not contact you right away, that is the reason. Secondly, everyone who contacted me who won in the WOR contest has been contacted. LENI, you have not contacted […]

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WOR Day FOUR: A Little Harmless Sex

This is the book that started it all. I came up with the name before the characters, because, well, it sounded like a really good title. I guess I was right, lol. Also, this is the book that not only made the International Best Seller is for June of 2005, but was named one of […]

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WOR DAY THREE: A Little Harmless Obsession

As many of you know, I have had a lot of releases lately. Since Sept 21, I have had 4, and I have another one before the month is out. So, I thought I would spotlight some of the other books this week, along with a preview of my last release of 2010, Sex on […]

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Sorry about the late post folks. There was some kind of glitch in my formatting and blogger didn’t post it when I scheduled it. So, today we have Micah and Dee, woo hoo! Remember, you must either answer the question or follow the blog to enter for the 25 dollar GC. If you do both, […]

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SHERRY, with the email that starts with sstrode, is my winner. Please email me so we can hook up and get your GC to you. Next contest coming up. Sorry, I messed up the formatting on the posts and they didn’t post when they were supposed to:(

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