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Coming Tomorrow, A CONTEST

Well, it is my birthday tomorrow, so make sure to check out the contest I have on my blog. A FREE KINDLE FIRE. It starts right after midnight, and to get entered, you don’t have to do much! Oh, and since it is a FIRE, let’s have some firemen:

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Next Week And a Special Fundraiser!

I have decided right at the last moment, that I am going to do a fundraiser on Friday. Veteran’s Day is special to me and I wanted to do something for it. So, I will have a blog post about a very special organization, Fisher House, which is sort of a Ronald McDonald House for […]

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Lots of happenings

Why oh why did I plan to turn this book in this weekend? I just have one of the biggest releases of my career on Tuesday and my oldest had her first performance on the field. I am a nutjob, that’s why. I am buried, and I mean buried in writing. I just have not […]

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Working again…

So, I got yesterday off for the trip to Baltimore but now I am back at work. I am going to finish this Harmless book up ASAP so that it can sit for a week before I start editing it. I am pretty pleased with the way it is coming alone. I like these characters, […]

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