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Hey, everyone! I am so excited that Desire by Blood is getting some fantastic reviews. Desire by Blood is a novel that any lover of Romance will not want to miss out on!  The author shows her incredible expertise at creating multi-faceted characters (both main and supporting) and integrating them into an exciting storyworld and plot. […]

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An Offer on Desire by Blood

Hello, all! I have an offer for fifty people. Would you like to read Desire by Blood? Yes? Want to know what to do? Well, follow the directions below and the first 50 folks get a digital copy. What do I want in return? An honest review-the good, the bad, the ugly-posted to one of […]

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Reminder: Got some Contests going on

Hey, everyone, don’t forget I have some contests going on:) Here on the site, we are in the last week for the $100.00 gift card drawing. Make sure to check out my contest page! I am also doing a Goodreads giveaway for A Little Harmless Fantasy. It is open EVERYWHERE, so make sure to enter […]

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Contests, Contests, Contests

Good morning folks. I’m hibernating as I work on edits for Desire by Blood (should be released very, very soon) and working on A Little Harmless Fantasy. But, I thought I’d give you a head’s up on some contests I am doing. First, here on the site, you can enter my contest for a $100.00 […]

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Sexy Saturday: Desire by Blood

Good morning, everyone! It has been a long week of work for me. We ran around and did all the necessary preparations, and well, Isaac never showed here. Seeing the problems he caused elsewhere we were really lucky. I did a lot of work though. Desire is ALMOST done. We are in the editing stage […]

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