An Offer on Desire by Blood - Melissa Schroeder

An Offer on Desire by Blood

Hello, all! I have an offer for fifty people. Would you like to read Desire by Blood? Yes? Want to know what to do? Well, follow the directions below and the first 50 folks get a digital copy. What do I want in return? An honest review-the good, the bad, the ugly-posted to one of the following places:

  1. Goodreads
  2. Amazon
  3. Barnes and Noble
  4. Your Review Blog

Send an email to MelissaATmelissaschroederDOTnet with:

What format you read it in: Kindle, Nook, Kobo, other.

If you will be posting this to your blog, include your blog address.

If you are on a kindle, please send your kindle email addy. Remember, only the first fifty folks get this offer, so jump on it fast.

 Please EMAIL ME your info. 


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21 Comments on “An Offer on Desire by Blood

  1. Gee, I missed the boat on this one!! I got excited seeing this and bought it right away without reading further!!LOL I will spread the news to my GR friends though, the book sounds awesome!! Will also write a review for you!!!

  2. Like Jen Berg I could not wait and bought and read it already… I even did a review on Amazon as soon as I finished the book…Ladies it is and was a GREAT story, I know all who read it will fall in love with the book.

  3. i would really love to read your book and give a review. I have a kindle and I am on goodreads and facebook. Thanks in advance. If I have missed the chance well then I will just have to go buy your book!

  4. I’ve never had to chance to read something by you but would love the chance to give you an honest opinion in exchange for a opportunity to read this book. It looks like something I could sink my teeth into.

    I have a kindle fire reader. Thanks 🙂

  5. I have kindle on my computer but its under my spouse name can I still enter I am sure you have already reached your first 50 by now

  6. I have kindle on my ipad and would love to read a book by you.
    Thank you .
    Cheers Donna

  7. I realize this post is old, however, I’d love to read and review a copy of your book if the offer still stands. I’m on an ereader with epub format. Thanks!

  8. I’m always looking for a better book to read, and if theirs even a small chance I’d get to read this book ,I’d be so full of love and respectfull of it so I can finely read it.
    Linda Pumphrey

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