WIP Wednesday - Melissa Schroeder

Show: WIP Wednesday

WIP Wednesday: Faking It With My Billionaire Boss

I am in editing mode for the next new release from my Instalove Collection and I just really love Georgie, the heroine. Mainly because she has my grace lol.  Click to read more so you can get your first peek at Georgie. And FYI, the book is on preorder.

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A Taste of Luscious

Delicious will be here this Friday, but I am deep in Luscious right now. Here is a little bit that tells you everything you need to know about EJ and Harry. “Her deep southern accent had dripped with honeysuckle sweetness, but there is no doubt in my mind she had just threatened my life.” Don’t […]

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WIP Wed: Delilah’s Downfall

Next month, Delilah’s Downfall re-releases. I am expanding the book a bit so I am going through the edits like it is a new book. “Can I help you?” The deep, rich male voice sent a wave of heat down her spine. She couldn’t clearly see the person who had spoken. He was just a […]

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WIP: A Little Harmless Scandal

Another little tidbit from the upcoming Harmless release, A Little Harmless Scandal. Remember, completely unedited, taken from the rough draft:   “What is she like?” Adam asked.

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WIP Wednesday: A Little Harmless Scandal

It’s finally back! For those of you who don’t know what WIP Wednesday is, it is just a few lines from a project I am working on. It is not edited. This is the next new Harmless, due out this fall. I’m busy getting to know the trio and this is from their first interaction.

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