WIP Wednesday: Faking It With My Billionaire Boss - Melissa Schroeder

WIP Wednesday: Faking It With My Billionaire Boss

WIP Wednesday: Apr 28, 2021

I am in editing mode for the next new release from my Instalove Collection and I just really love Georgie, the heroine. Mainly because she has my grace lol.  Click to read more so you can get your first peek at Georgie. And FYI, the book is on preorder.


I hurry down the hall to Hazel’s office, worry giving me a stomach ache. I shouldn’t really worry, but the text she sent me has my head pounding. 

I met Hazel when I started working here. It seemed odd to me that we hit it off. I come from a working class background no matter what my IQ is, and she was raised in the lap of luxury. There is just something so warm and happy about her. 

In my rush to get to her office, I stumble. Before I can stop my forward progression, I’m tipping forward and fall flat on my face. Again. This is not the first—nor will it be my last—ungraceful fall. Is there such a thing as a graceful fall? If there is, I have no idea how to do it. My mom always said I was like a new baby horse, my legs trying to run away while the rest of my body tried to catch up. 

“Are you just going to lay there?” Hazel asks me. 


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