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Teaser Tuesday: A Little Harmless Obsession

May and Evan will always be one of my favorite couples. I had to fight to get the book published and this was before self-publishing had really came into being. After two and a half years, A Little Harmless Obsession was finally released. Just two more weeks and they are back in the wild again! […]

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Teaser Tuesday: A Little Harmless Pleasure

Coming next week! A LITTLE HARMLESS PLEASURE READ AN EXCERPT | BUY THE  BOOK “I’m not going anywhere without my champagne. Anna gave it to me.” Her bottom lip curved out in a perfect pout. Knowing it would be best to placate her, he shooed her aside and opened the door. After grabbing the champagne […]

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Teaser Tuesday: A Little Harmless Sex

Yes, soon, A Little Harmless Sex will return! If you haven’t ready it before, here is one of my favorite all time scenes I have ever written! A Little Harmless Sex Returning May 23, 2017 READ THE FIRST CHAPTER | BUY THE BOOK

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