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Teaser Tuesday: A Little Harmless Obsession

June 6, 2017

May and Evan will always be one of my favorite couples. I had to fight to get the book published and this was before self-publishing had really came into being. After two and a half years, A Little Harmless Obsession was finally released. Just two more weeks and they are back in the wild again!


Harmless, Book 3

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“Very good work, ladies. I do like it when my sub is wet and waiting.” Evan’s deep, southern voice caused her heart to slip down to her stomach. “Continue on.”

It had been weeks that she’d been planning this, or something like it. Having Evan act as Dom added another level of fear and excitement to the whole process. Both women continued to stroke, massage, entice as Evan moved about the room. She heard a drawer open and shuffling followed. Soon, silence filled the room. Without sight she couldn’t even sense what was going on now.

“Ladies, I think I can handle this by myself.” When he spoke, she realized he hadn’t moved far from the door.

She could sense they weren’t happy with their dismissal, but they went as ordered. He murmured something to them she couldn’t hear, but the door soon closed behind them with an audible click.

Evan approached her almost silently. He said nothing, but as he drew closer, she scented his musky cologne. Stepping up on the dais, he circled then stopped behind her. She could feel the heat of his body warming her back. His breath feathered across her shoulder and she couldn’t fight the shiver. She started when he ran his finger across her stomach. A rush of tingles followed the path his fingers took. The teasing touch was just enough to drive her insane.

“Are you ready to submit?”


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