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For the Love of Hawaii is here!

For a limited time, you can get four books set in Hawaii from four different series for one low price. And what would be better than escaping the cold and dreary January? The price goes up on Friday, so make sure to snap it up right now for only 5.99!

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Kindle Unlimited Subscription Giveaway!

I  wanted to come up with a way to thank my readers for this year, and I decided to give away four 6-month subscriptions to Kindle Unlimited. I can only do this in the US for right now, so unfortunately, I can extend it out to international. I will be doing something in Jan/Feb that […]

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Snowbound Seduction

I am happy to announce that the rights to Snowbound Seduction have been returned to me, and I will reissue the book soon with a new epilogue for everyone! Make sure to either subscribe to my RSS updates or my newsletter. Heck, you can subscribe to both and I won’t tell anyone. I hope to […]

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