The next Sullivan is here! - Melissa Schroeder

The next Sullivan is here!

September 9, 2021


I am so excited for everyone to get to know Alyx and Lizbeth. She’s the sweetest and he’s the grumpiest, so it is a match made in heaven.

But first, you might have downloaded the book and gotten a messed up copy. The epilogue has Chapter Twelve again, so for those of you who did not get a corrected copy, please pick up the MISSING EPILOGUE on bookfunnel. There is no obligation to join my newsletter, just a download. Bit massive apologies for messing that up. Amazon has their policies and I found out a few hours after the deadline passed.

They have assured me that once I uploaded the corrected copy, that they can push it out to readers, but I didn’t want everyone to have to wait for that.


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