Teaser Tuesday - Melissa Schroeder

Teaser Tuesday

June 15, 2021

Just two more days are Faking it with my Billionaire Boss with be here! Huzzah!

I thought I would share a little teaser to get you ready! Remember, it’s only 99 pennies.

God, he smells good.

“Thank you.”

I frown and force myself to lean back to look up at him. “For what?”

“Saying that I smell good.”

My face burns. “I said that out loud?” 


His mouth quirks and he nods, his beautiful chocolate brown eyes dancing. 

“God, how embarrassing.” I lower my forehead to his chest once again. 

His responding chuckle warms my heart…and other body parts. 

“Just so you know,” he says, as he spins me around, then dips me dramatically. My heart leaps to my throat at the need I see burning in the depths of his eyes. “I think you smell nice too.”

I’m smiling when he pulls me back up.

“Thank you.”

“No problem, Georgie.”

I like the way he says my name, as if he is savoring it like it’s a delicate treat.

Like I’m a delicate treat.

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