Sexy Saturday: Possession - Melissa Schroeder

Sexy Saturday: Possession

Sexy Saturday: Dec 15, 2018

Hey, why don’t we take a little trip to Hawaii with two exes who might just find that they love each other to walk away this time?! Also, the entire A Little Harmless Military Romance series is in Kindle Unlimited through January.

“Pleasure crawled through Samantha’s body as she felt Deke’s fingers dance over her flesh.”He knew just where to touch her, how to make her feel the greatest pleasure. He had known from their first night together. No man before or since could tap into what made her tick. And the only thing he was doing was trailing his fingers down her arm.

It wasn’t like they could do anything. They were riding the elevator up to his room with five other people, and while they always played games, they did not go for that. Not since they got caught in that hotel in San Diego.

“I want to thank you for your service,” an older woman said to Deke.

Sam shifted her feet, but he pulled her closer. She had always felt odd when people thanked Deke or her brother. Both men always seemed to be unfazed by it and, as usual, Deke handled it.

He nodded. “You’re welcome, ma’am.”

The doors opened on the twelfth floor, and he led her out. He hadn’t let go of her hand since she had given it to him. She followed him willingly. By the time they got inside his room, her body was humming. He shut the door and crowded her back up against it.

Without waiting, he slammed his mouth down on hers. The rush of heat that always simmered between them exploded. It was never different, never easy. His tongue plunged between her lips, and she reveled in it. She loved this, loved the way he made her feel when they ignored the world. When it was only the two of them, it worked so well.

He tore his mouth away from hers and pressed up against her. He settled his hands on the door behind her. As he nuzzled her neck, she took in the scent of him.

“Have you been playing with anyone?”

He always asked. It was always the same answer.

“No. You?” she asked. Why did her heart clutch at the idea? Because she loved him, would always love him. And for her, she didn’t know if she would ever find another Dom. She never seemed to want to even think about it.

He shook his head. She should have known. They might drive each other crazy, but they had the one thing between them that was essential for a Dom/sub relationship: trust.

“Are you up for play, babe?”

God, she loved that. His voice dipped as he said babe, elongating the vowel. She loved when his dominant streak was allowed to run wild. She was always the beneficiary and happy for it.

“Yes, Sir.”

He shuddered. Her heart did a little dance. There was something so delicious about affecting him this way. He stepped back from her.

“Then I expect you to strip out of that dress. Now.”

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