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Sexy Saturday: Meet Marc and Wade

Sexy Saturday: Jan 12, 2019


When Conquering India first released, I interviewed the men who captured India’s heart. Here’s a little peek at the guys. Don’t forget to grab Conquering India for .99¢ so you are ready to read Delilah’s Downfall when it releases on Tuesday.

I want to welcome everyone to my first ever character interview. And of course, because I always do everything the hard way, I have two guys to talk to. So, I hope you enjoy it:)

Wade Thompson and Marc Jasper run a new but well respected security firm in San Antonio, Texas. I met them at a local favorite, Mi Tierra, for lunch. Over tacos and enchiladas, not to mention several margaritas, I asked the guys a few questions.

Wade and Marc, thanks for taking the time to answer a few questions for my readers.

Wade smiles. He’s a dark-haired, dark-eyed man dressed in a red fitted shirt and jeans that hug his lean hips. He is constantly smiling and his accent is real south…like from the Carolinas. I can tell he is the flirt of the two men.

WADE: Thank you for having us, darlin’. I know I speak for both Marc and myself when I say that the pleasure is all ours.

His companion rolls his eyes. While not rude, Marc Jasper is definitely the more serious of the two. His short blond hair is still cut military short and his clear gray eyes study everything in his vicinity. His suit is definitely cut to fit, but he has foregone the tie.

MARC: Thank you, Ms. Schroeder.

Please, call me Melissa.

MARC: Okay, Melissa it is.

Then he smiles, which scrambles my brain for a second. I grab my margarita and take a quick swig.

First, I need to ask, how is India?

Wade’s smile widens.

WADE: Satisfied.

MARC: Wade, behave yourself. He turns to me. She’s very busy today because she has a big party she’s catering tonight. She said to tell you hi.

Well, right back at her. I hope it goes well.

WADE: She rarely has a problem. Woman does know how to run a catering business.

Back to you. How did you two meet?

WADE: We met in basic training.

MARC: Complete opposites but someone had to keep Wade from getting his ass kicked every day.

WADE: I was holding my own.

MARC: Is that what you call it? I think everyone else calls it getting your ass kicked.

Our waitress stops by and asks if we want another round of margaritas. Before I can say anything the guys order. Of course, the waitress lingers, flirting with Wade who oozes charm without much effort. By the time she leaves I have almost forgotten what we were talking about.

So, military men? Service?

MARC: Marines.

I figured you both were military. I can usually pick you guys out of any crowd. So, what made you leave the military?

WADE: Neither of us is very good at military politics. We knew there was only so far we could go.

And, what made you decide to open a business together?

WADE: We wanted to be able to use the skills we gained from the military. And this way, we run our own lives. We’re kinda control freaks.

Just about every military guy I meet is to some extent.

So, let’s get down to the fun stuff. What is your idea of a perfect date?

WADE: Anything that involves India.

Marc sighs and tosses his friend an exasperated look before turning back to me.

MARC: We both enjoy the company of our love, but what we both like to do is romance. For India, that could mean just about anything. She’s not a woman who goes for big gestures or presents. She likes the little things. So, a date in with all of us in the kitchen together or a night out on the Riverwalk works for us.

WADE: India really, really likes the kitchen. Last night–

MARC: You better stop right there. She’ll kick your ass if you kiss and tell.

Wade frowns. WADE: I wasn’t going to.

So, I am going to get a little personal here. Not many men would want to share a woman, especially one they loved. Why are you two okay with it?

MARC: I am not sure someone outside of the relationship could understand. Where most people are happy with one other person, it is the dynamic with all three of us that truly makes it special.

WADE: We had women before India, shared them, and the sex was fantastic. Just like someone in one on one relationship, when you find that one person, you know it. She’s the one for us.

But why not a normal relationship?

WADE: This is normal, for us.

MARC: Really, all that matters is that we are happy, and we are. I’m not saying every now and then one of us doesn’t try to get more attention from India. But, a lot of our satisfaction is giving her pleasure. It is our duty and honor to make her happy.

Okay, now, answer me this. Morning Quickie or Afternoon Delight?

WADE: We have to decide?

MARC: Of course we do. She asked a question which means she wants an answer. I say Morning Quickie. There is no better way to start the day.

Wade sighs. WADE: Okay, if I have to pick, I say Afternoon Delight. I can cut out of work early, slip home :::he hums::: yeah, I say that.

Favorite sexual position?

WADE: I know this will surprise everyone, but I love the missionary. There is something so intimate about it for me. You can look into each other’s eyes while making love and it is up-close and personal. Although, I do like a woman on top, gives me more freedom to touch.

MARC: I like the woman on her knees in front of me.

Popcorn…buttered or plain?

MARC and WADE: Buttered

They both laugh.

WADE: India likes butter, and we both like it…especially licking it off of India’s fingers.

Where do you see yourselves in five years?

MARC: Still in San Antonio, but maybe moving out to Boerne though. I think by then we would all be ready for kids.

WADE: Yeah. I love living in San Antonio, but all three of us want kids. They need space to run.

Do you two believe that love conquers all?

WADE: Yes, without a doubt.

MARC: She definitely conquered us.

I want to thank both of you for taking the time to talk to me today. I am sure my readers are going to love learning more about you.

WADE: Anything to make a lady happy.

MARC: Yes, thank you.

Do you think there is a chance I could get either of you to show up this coming Monday for the chat?

WADE: Oh definitely! Sounds like fun.

Great! Thanks again.

Marc: I assure you, the pleasure was all ours.


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