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A New Reissue on Preorder

August 24, 2017

For the first time ever, the Sweet Shoppe Stories are all together in an Antho! It is reissuing on SEPTEMBER 12. Still waiting on print and Kobo to go live, but that should happen soon!

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From the time of Arthur and Camelot, she has traveled the world, dispensing her magical sweets. Her spells allow anyone who eats the confections to fulfill their hidden fantasies with the one they love. But if the recipient doesn’t believe their love is returned, then they are condemned to a life of knowing their lack of faith caused them to lose the one person they were destined to love.

Includes All three stories from the series!

Tempting Prudence
Chocolate cover cherries and a night with the boss she will never forget.

Cowboy Up
Chocolate fudge and shared erotic dreams unite a sexy cowboy the woman he has always loved.

Her Wicked Warrior
Whisky truffles bring a sheltered librarian the warrior of her dreams.

This book is a reissue.

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