Five Things I LOVE about Faking It with my Frenemy - Melissa Schroeder

Five Things I LOVE about Faking It with my Frenemy

July 21, 2021


Tomorrow is the day that the final Faking It gets here! And I thought I would share some little things that I love about the book. Make sure to preorder the book at that low price because it will be going up soon.

  1. I love the enemies to lovers trope, even frenemies to lovers.
  2. Allegra Sullivan is a kick ass Marine BRAT and I love that she has no problem being strong.
  3. Theo Darling. Just that. Hahaha, okay, he is a sexy, funny, and a good guy even though he used to sleep around A LOT. Also, he’s a chef. I mean, COME ON. You have to love a guy who can cook just about anything for you.
  4. The banter! I loved the banter between these two:)
  5. THE SULLIVAN BROTHERS- they are a handful and I can’t wait to write their books. Check them out–>THE FIGHTING SULLIVANS

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