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Delicious is LIVE!

May 31, 2019


Ed is finally here! I have been so nervous about how everyone will like Ed and Allison. From the early reviews, people are loving them as much a I do.

It has been a long time since I sat down with the intention of writing a shorter book. The Santinis all range about 40K or more (180 pages or more) and these books are hitting about 150 pages. They are about the size of A Little Harmless Military Romance novellas. I am not saying that is all I will write from now on, we have two more TFH books and at least two more Harmless books and well, you know, we could go on forever. But, for right now, I am loving this new world I am writing in.

Remember, if you read on a platform other than Amazon, make sure to order the book THIS WEEK. It will go into KU a week from today.

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