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What is the status with new Harmless / Task Force Hawaii books?

I’m not sure. I don’t see either Harmless or Task Force Hawaii fitting in with my current plans for 2023. I’m super excited about what I am planning for 2023, though, and I hope readers will feel that excitement, too. The last few years were hard on me (hard on everyone!) and I found that […]

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What are the Harmless Shorts and Preludes?

The Harmless Shorts are after the HEA shorts that range from 2500 words to 6000 words. The Harmless Preludes are before the book begins stories. Some of the Harmless couples/trios have histories and I reveal those in the Preludes. Neither are required to enjoy the main novels themselves.

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What series are connected to Harmless?

There are two direct spinoffs to The Harmless Series. A Little Harmless Military Romance is a series of erotic novellas featuring characters connected in some way to the Harmless series. Task Force Hawaii is a series of romantic suspense novels set within a specialized organization. Anna DeWinter – heroine of A Little Harmless Sex – also made an appearance in Gianni, […]

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Why are some books BDSM and others not?

I have always been what you call a character driven author. While the Harmless series does have a lot of characters in who participate in the lifestyle, not everyone does. I write based on the character that comes to me. Check out all my books that include BDSM »

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