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HAHAHAHA, I should never work later at night on the blog. The interview will be going up for Maura tomorrow as part of the Day of Harmless. Sorry about that folks.

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Sexy Saturday: Infatuation

INFATUATION With Veteran’s Day approaching, I thought we would revisit Kade and Shannon. To prove her love and save her man, she has to go above and beyond the call of duty. BUYING OPTIONS Kade’s heart jumped into his throat when he saw Shannon walking determinedly in his direction. She wore her hair up to […]

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The Countdown Has Begun

We are in our last year in the military. It is hard to believe that we have spent over 19 years in as Active Duty AF. When Les entered the military, we were looking at staying in just a few years for him to get some accounting experience under his belt. Seven bases, ten houses, […]

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  Hey, don’t live in Hawaii?? Well, they are doing the Sunset at the Beach thing for Hawaii Five-0 again and you can live stream it on Hawaii News Now Livestream! It starts at about 11pm Eastern, 10 Central, 9 Mountain, and 8 Pacific!

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