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The Countdown Has Begun

We are in our last year in the military. It is hard to believe that we have spent over 19 years in as Active Duty AF. When Les entered the military, we were looking at staying in just a few years for him to get some accounting experience under his belt. Seven bases, ten houses, and two children later, we are staring down our last few months. It is a fantastic feeling to know that next year at this time, we will be free. Don’t get me wrong, it has been a wonderful experience. But, after being born into the military, and then coming back into it as a wife, I am ready to have a little freedom.

We have an issue though because now where we move is not dependent on Les finding a job. I have a feeling he will either go to work-at least part time- or go to school. He LOVES school. So, he might just go ahead and get his Ph D. Thanks to the take off of my career in the last couple of years, we are in a place we can live anywhere. And there is where the problem is.

Our home state is Texas. I won’t move back there. It is hot and I am allergic to the state. My youngest and I spent more time there sick than we did well. So that makes it worse. Where shall we live?

None of us know. Since most of you know I am a Capricorn and our motto is “Plans do not fail. You fail to plan.” So, I am freaking out a little bit. Okay, a lot. I am married to a Cancer who could care less about plans. Yeah, we butt heads on how to handle things.

We have narrowed it down to mostly two places: The Mid Atlantic to Northeast and Seattle, WA. There is some talk of Hawaii, but that is mostly it. Paying 50K to get my dogs there via a charter jet is not on the menu. And for some reason, Les says we can’t afford the 5 million dollar house I picked out. I thought it was really rude, but there you have it.

Eleven months left and we have no idea where we are going. So, if you here me start to freak out a little in the next few months, THIS is the reason…or it could just be that I am a nutjob author.

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  1. NORTHEAST!!!!!!!!

    Come check out NH Seacoast or Maine – I’d be happy to give you a tour!!!

  2. I’ll gladly help with math in Seattle. lol Since I’ll be moving there in the next few months because my husband has decided he hates his current job in Wisconsin and wants to be closer-ish to family. There is a part of me that is a little annoyed since we almost moved to Washington in Dec 2010, and doesn’t want to move again when we could have already been there. I want someone to shoot me since it means a cross country drive with a toddler, a dog, and two neurotic cats, one of which that will meow the whole time. Good luck and I hope you get your plans soon

  3. How about Southeast Florida. We are a combination of Hawaii & California with no mountains or smog! Cost of living is decent and great colleges!!

  4. Melissa – congrats on your retirement! As a military wife of over 20 years (8 of which were spent at Schofield Barracks on Oahu) and a recent retiree as well (official date was 1 October) I can only say that I think we might be related in some way! Lol I am a huge fan of your books, adored living in HI (HELLO!! the garlic knots at Bravos? Chili and Rice at Zippies? Leonard’s Malasadas from the truck at the NEX? L&L’s?? Oh yeah… Ko’Olina, Bellows and Sundays at the Hale Koa were pretty nice too 😉 add in that I recently lost 150 pounds on WW and …. Like I said… Are we related??

    Hang in there hon, this will be a crazy year for you and your family (the retirement briefs alone are enough to do the strongest of women insane) much aloha to you and yours… I simply cannot wait to download your next book, so I’m off to do just that!

    Your long lost haole sister,


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