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Some admin stuff…

Hey there its Brandy. I’m popping on Mel’s blog to put a couple of things out. First up, its July. Yeah crazy that half the year is already over. And yes I’m sure you’re like “We know its July Brandy. Why are you telling us?” Well that’s because July bring a couple of changes to […]

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Guest Author: Meg Lacey

Warning: “Million Dollar Mistake” contains a tabloid sweetheart who loves to be bad, a sexy hero with little patience for mind games, and a game of strip pool that will make you rethink your weekend plans.    Hello everyone, I’m delighted to be guest blogging on Melissa Schroeder’s blog and send a huge thank you to […]

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Guest Author & Giveaway: Sabrina York

Please keep reading for info on my contest: Win a sexy pair of rhinestone studded handcuffs. You know you want them! Thanks so much to Mel, one of my favorite writers, for giving me a forum to babble endlessly about myself. Sigh. It is, after all, one of the greatest pleasures of my life next […]

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Guest Author & Giveaway: Cathryn Cade

‘Aloha, I’m Cathryn Cade. Mahalo to Melissa for hosting me today on her fun, hot blog. This is just the kind of place I love to play, how about you? Hot men flexing from the sidebars and rose petals scattered on the floor—oh, yeah! The only way it could be better? If those were plumeria […]

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Guest Author & Giveaway: Cornelia Amiri

Dance of the Vampres by Cornelia Amiri The culture of the ancient Celts and the mist and magic of Wales, Scotland, and Ireland fascinates me. The paranormal beliefs in Celtic mythology inspire me. I’ve always seen seductive blood suckers such as vampires as more feminine than masculine, but in the old horror movies they are […]

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