Seduction by Blood - Melissa Schroeder

Seduction by Blood

Happy October! With the opening of the scariest month of the year–and one of my favorite months because it is gorgeous here in the DMV, and it brings in soup making weather! So, I thought I would share the second book in the By Blood series, Seduction by Blood. If you have Kindle Unlimited, it will be SeductionByBlood1400x2100 in the program through December.



All of the London is convinced Jack the Ripper has returned to London, but Malik knows better. He knows the familiar scent of a Made, one that has survived longer than he should have. But, while he is pursuing the killer, he cannot keep his mind on it completely.Mrs. Diana Simpson has become too much to ignore. From her haughtiness, to the simmering passion he sees lurking behind the pain in her eyes, he recognizes his mate.

Diana has accepted this new part of her life, but she is not ready to bind herself to any man, human or vampire. Her first marriage left much to be desired and she is not ready for that disappointment again. Still, each time they are together, the passion they feel explodes and neither of them are ready for the repercussions of their actions. Especially when the new killer sets his eyes on Diana.


She didn’t want to think about it. “Can we just talk about this later?”

He hesitated. “I think I should not leave you alone tonight.”

Oh, dammit to hell. Why did he have to be so bloody noble? She didn’t need him in her house looking at her as if she had lost her mind. It made it worse that while he thought she was insane, she was attracted to him.

“I can take care of myself. I have been doing it quite a long time.”

He nodded and turned to walk to the door. Irritated by her own behavior and saddened that he was actually listening to her, she turned to face the window. The street was dark, as most people were still out at parties and balls, having a grand old time. She didn’t enjoy the activities, but she always felt as if it had been her fault. Other women her age had always seemed to live for the social excitement.

In the next instant, the door shut quietly, and she shut her eyes. She was alone. As always. For some odd reason, she felt like crying. She told everyone she wanted to be alone. Her sister, other men…but she didn’t want to be. She could play the game and make people think she preferred being by herself.

Silently, his breath feathered over the fine hairs of Diana’s neck. Her eyes shot open and she could see his reflection in the window. He wasn’t looking up though. He was staring down at her as if she were a treat he had been trying to resist. The air seemed to clog her throat as her heart beat out of control. The scent of him wrapped around her, teasing her senses, tempting her. In this moment, he could ask her to do anything and she would follow his command. How could this man do that to her?

“I have tried to stay away from you,” Malik said, his voice deepening over every syllable. He had an upper crust English accent, but there was something else there. Something that hinted at dark desires and forbidden needs. Two things she should not even think about.

She did not turn around, could not. If she did, she would definitely make a fool of herself.

“Oh?” she asked.

A beat of silence and she continued to look out over the street, but not truly seeing anything. She closed her eyes the moment she felt his fingers against her shoulder. She shivered.

“Yes. I am not good for you.”

No man was. No man would be. She had given up on the idea of happily ever after the night of her wedding. But he made her want to try again.

“You have decided you are no good for me, so nothing will happen?”

Why did she ask that? She didn’t want him. Not truly.


She wanted him more than her next breath.

“Nothing should happen. Not between someone like me and a lady like you.”

Of course not. Men did not want her, not really. At least he was honest.

“I understand.”

“I do not think you do, Diana.”
He slipped in front of her. When she continued to look only at his chest, he gently placed his finger beneath her chin and raised it until her gaze met his.

His light green eyes were brilliant with need, one she had never seen in a man before. Not for her. Everything in her seemed to clench. Never had she wanted to believe a man before in her life.

“I said that should not happen,” he said leaning closer. His breath feathered over her lips. “I did not say it would not happen.”

He brushed his mouth over hers. She closed her eyes as he slid his hand around her waist and pulled her closer. His body heat surrounded her as he deepened the kiss. She trembled, not from fear but from the lust that pulsed through her blood.

Malik pulled back. “Diana. Look at me.”

She fought to get her eyes opened. His face was flushed, his full sensual lips wet from the kiss they had shared. She licked her lips. She could taste him there. He groaned and leaned down to give her a quick, hard kiss. Her head spun, her pulse hammered in her neck, and her nipples tightened against the bodice of her dress. This was desire, passion…she had never really felt it before.

“Tell me to leave now before I lose control. This is your last chance.”

When he spoke, she could see his fangs had descended. It should scare her seeing him like this, but instead, another thrill of excitement rushed through her. It was as if his basic instincts had taken over. The male animal was no longer in control and he wanted her.

Primitive. It was the one word that came to mind. Nothing else seemed to matter and he was still giving her the right to choose to deny him. She should do it. It was better for her mind…better for her heart. But she could not do it. No matter how many times she told herself that it was the right thing to do, she could not tell him to go away.

For the very first time in her life, Diana decided to ignore the rules of society. This time, she thought of only herself when she gave him her answer.

“Stay. Please.”


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