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Planning a new web design…

So, in a couple of years, I am planning a new website. Yeah, I plan that far ahead. It is just preliminary right now. I am gathering info, looking at other author sites, and coming up with what I love about mine and want to change or add.

I love my website, but I do understand that you need to update every now and then. Truthfully, until I worked with Wax Creative, I would get itchy about the 6 month mark.  It would get on my nerves. This website, though, I LOVE. It is easy for my readers to find the info they need. And of course, the folks at Wax are just amazing.  I don’t think they understand how much I do love them. Love you, Wax Design

So, 18 months to 2 years away, and I’m planning. It is all about coming up with of things I would like to have. And I am sure there will be a list of lists, and so on and so forth. I have to have lists. I have to organize. I just have to. If not, it can be a mess.

Yes, they put up with a lot from me. I am constantly changing my schedule, and forgetting all kinds of thing I should tell them. It is a testament to their wonderfulness, and the patience of Max, my handler, that I am still with them and they haven’t kicked me to the curb.


There are a few things I am thinking about adding to the website. And while I am at it, I was wondering what you would like to see on my website. Is there something you think would help people know more about my books? I ask readers their opinions because they are my focus group. Reaching out to the readers is what my website is all about.

Let me know in the comments below.



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3 Comments on “Planning a new web design…

  1. I would love to see character profiles for the series. Including how they are related to other characters.

  2. I like to learn about who an author is as a person. What inspires them, how they came to love writing and things like that.

    I am big fan of lists and who shows up in what books and how they are intertwined with each other

    Updates on past characters is always fun.

    If there are certain things like recipes mentioned I like to check them out.

    Playlists are always popular

    I am sure I can thing of more if you need them :p

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