Constant Craving has arrived! - Melissa Schroeder

Constant Craving has arrived!

I am so excited to have the newest Task Force Hawaii for readers. I loved writing the book, and I hope readers enjoy the TFH where NERDS RULE! Make sure to check out my CONSTANT CRAVING FOR SUMMER party on Facebook starting at 5 pm eastern today!

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She might trust him with her life but she’s not too sure she can trust him with her heart.

Charity Edwards has never been a woman who liked to compromise–not at work and definitely not in her personal life. So, when TJ Callahan appears on the scene as their FBI liaison, she decides to take a chance on the slow talking Texan.

TJ doesn’t like undercover work, but thanks to an old case, he has been tasked to do just that. He uses his position to infiltrate TFH to investigate Charity, a woman well-known for her hacking skills. His almost instant attraction he has to Charity makes it impossible not to blur the lines and he soon finds himself falling for the impossible woman.

When his assignment is revealed, Charity wants nothing to do with him, but she has no choice. Thanks to TJ’s investigation, Charity’s life is in jeopardy and he will do anything to protect her–even if it means sacrificing himself.


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  1. I love the Task Force Hawaii books. I just ordered the print edition of Constant Craving, can’t wait to read it.

  2. Loved Constant Craving!
    This whole series is great can’t wait for the next one.

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