Arriving at a Destination - Melissa Schroeder

Arriving at a Destination

The Alpha’s Saving Grace rereleased this week with expanded scenes! Here is a little bit from Alex and Jake:


“Roll over.” She hesitated, then turned over. He didn’t blame her. The dark thread of arousal in his voice even surprised him.  He opened the condom package and rolled it on quickly. Jake knew with his need racing the way it was, he wasn’t going to last very long.

He sighed when he trailed his fingers down her spin. Perfect. Golden…with a hint of red from her Native American background. The only thing marring it was the tiny scar on her right shoulder. He bent down and kissed it, pushing her long dark hair aside. He kissed down her spine, enjoying the sweet taste of her flesh, and the way she shivered as he made his way down to her ass. He pressed his hands against the mounded flesh. She wasn’t a big woman, but damn did she have an ass. All that hard work from her job, no doubt. He grazed his teeth over one cheek then the other.

“Jake,” she said, his name sounding more like a plea than anything else. He smiled. He loved hearing his name on her lips…and with that note of desperate need.

“Something wrong, officer?”

She sighed. “You’re driving me crazy.”

“I thought we should both be at the same destination.”


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