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Seductive Reasoning is FINALLY HERE!

Hey, everyone! I am so excited about the release of Seductive Reasoning! I really love this book and just so you know, look for lots more romantic suspense from me in the future. I had so much fun writing this book! Reviewers have been loving the book and I am so happy that everyone seems to really enjoy the entire group of TFH. I thought that maybe y’all might want to meet Del Delano.




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After a fantastic bike ride (did I mention Del has a Harley?) to the other side of the island, we stopped at Giovanni’s Shrimp Truck in Kahuku for something to eat. Over lemon pepper shrimp we chatted about his job and his new love, Emma.

Del is a big man, as you would expect. He’s former Special Forces. Dark brown hair, chocolate brown eyes, he is the epitome of the Italian American male. I can tell that he’s laid back in his style, since he is wearing a pair of khakis, a t-shirt, and some boots.

MEL: So you moved here for the job? Where do you normally call home?

DEL: I’m an Army brat, and you know how that goes. Every place is home, every place is temporary. My mom and my sisters live on the mainland.

MEL: But Hawaii is home now?

DEL: Yes. I was never stationed here, but visited a couple of times for training and then for vacation. I had already decided to move here after I separated from the Army when I heard about the Task Force being formed, I put my resume in. Got lucky.

MEL: Not sure about the luck. It had to be hard coming in here taking over a group like this when everyone sees you as a Haole.

DEL: Definitely not easy, but they wanted someone from the outside, someone who didn’t have long connections. Sometimes, we are tasked to look into alleged police corruption. You know how the island is. Everyone is related to everyone else.

MEL: But now you are sort of part of the island, part of the HPD Ohana.

DEL: *Shakes head* Not really. I will always be seen as an outsider by some, and that’s okay. When you are born and raised in a community, it is hard to accept outsiders. Think about the way we talk about civilians. All military have a few of people who have never served.

MEL: True, but does it make your job easier or harder?

DEL: It’s annoying to always be asked for my ID, but other than that, I don’t see it as a hinderance. If I need someone to be my PR with HPD, I just turn to Adam.

MEL: Adam Lee, your second in command?

DEL: Yes. He is born and bred here on the island and has a ton of family in HPD. If I need someone to question people there, I have Adam do it. He is more…diplomatic than I am. But he learned that being raised in a family filled with women.

MEL: Speaking of women…you are now involved with Emma Taylor who works for you.

DEL: No. As she will make sure to tell you, she works for the governor who assigned her to me.

MEL: But you are in a relationship.

DEL: *smiles* You can call it that. Emma doesn’t particularly like putting a label on it.

MEL: What is it about her drew you to her?

DEL: Hard to say. Maybe it was the fact that she hit me with a 2 x 4 the first time I met her. Or, maybe it was the fact that her mind is amazing. But, mostly it is probably because she is tough and beautiful. My mother taught me to respect that in a woman.

MEL: I guess she would know about that being a military wife.

DEL: With four kids to raise, I would say so.

MEL: So, any big plans with Emma?

DEL: *shakes head* You know I can’t reveal that. Who knows what you would do to me in one of the books if I did that?

MEL: Are you suggesting I am mean to my characters?

DEL: I know you are. I’ve seen what you have planned for the end of book two and let me tell you, I wouldn’t want to upset you.

MEL: Since you’re my ride back to Honolulu, I guess I could say the same thing.

DEL: How about we stop by Liliha Bakery and get some coco puffs?

MEL: Sounds like a plan.

Make sure to get your copy of SEDUCTIVE REASONING today! The price goes up tomorrow.



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