A Taste of Emma and Del! - Melissa Schroeder

A Taste of Emma and Del!

Hey, there. Just a few more days and you get to meet the TFH team!

Here is a little sexy  never before seen excerpt for this Saturday to get you ready for the release!




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He placed his hands on the tile and bent his head down, letting the water slide all over him. She sighed in appreciation. She grabbed a pouf, some soap, and lathered it up. Del said nothing as she rubbed it over his skin, but he sighed. The muscles beneath her hands relaxed, as she continued to scrub and massage him. She washed him, hoping to cleanse his mind of the horrors he had seen tonight. Emma knew it was probably not going to help much, but she had to try.

He turned to face her. Water splashed down on both of them as he watched her. He had his cop face on.

“I really should go,” he repeated.

She studied him for a long moment, then raised her hand to his cheek. “I don’t want you to though. I want you to stay here.”

He stared at her for a long moment, the seconds ticking by. She knew he was having some kind of internal battle, then he groaned and grabbed her. There would be no denying him. She wanted him, needed to be the person who filled the void that had been left by the night’s events. She dropped the pouf and went easily into his arms. He cupped her face in both hands, and kissed her.

If he had enticed and teased her before, this kiss shattered her. His passion crashed through her as she surrendered to him, her body immediately responding to it. He slanted his mouth over hers again and again, driving his tongue into her mouth repeatedly. She pressed against him, his erection hard against her stomach. He reached behind him and turned off the water, before he picked her up. She wrapped her legs around him, and he carried her out into her bedroom. He’d grabbed a towel on the way out of the bathroom.

He threw it down on top of the mattress, before he dropped her onto it. He turned away for a moment, and she realized he was looking for his wallet.

“Top drawer, Del,” she said.

He wrenched the drawer open, and pulled out the box. Opening it, he let the condoms fall on the bed beside her. Then, he turned back to her. In that moment, she felt a sharp ping of panic. He looked so different…this man. He was determined and hungry. It was beyond the cop face. This was a man intent on ravishing her, on taking her to ease his pain. Emma knew she could not reject him. She could not even comprehend how to say no to him. Instead, she held her hand out to him. He groaned and bent his head in surrender.


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