The Ardennes Curse - Melissa Schroeder

The Ardennes Curse

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The Ardennes Curse

Part of the Romancing the Wolf Anthology


When Armand Rommulus killed Luc Ardennes in single combat before the Great Council, he was forced to leave his pack and his home—and claim his birthright as the Ardennes Alpha. But Armand isn’t like other wolves—he’s something deadlier. Armed with a new evolution, and the magic in his blood, he’s a force to be feared.

Victoria had no love for her sire, but what she does have is love for her people. She’s determined to free them from the curse forcing them to become mindless, slavering terrors every full moon. Even if it means taking their new Alpha to mate. She quickly discovers Armand is not only a good man, but a noble wolf.
Victoria must choose between the life of the Alpha she loves, or breaking the curse tormenting her pack.


They were monsters. They’d chained themselves up to keep from ravaging the countryside, hurting innocents, and exposing their secret. The whole town was beneath his feet, hiding in the dark, slaves to this darkness that infected them.

This curse was why the Council had let Luc Ardennes’ madness continue for so long.

Luc, with his laws and his deals and his paranoia, he’d kept them leashed.

Armand wouldn’t let his pack down. He’d be the Alpha they needed him to be.

“Submit,” he commanded again, this time drawing on the Alpha power resonating in his bones, and the Ardennes magic in his blood.

The beast in front of him shied away, head turned to the side in avoidance rather than submission. Her muzzle pulled back from her long, deadly razor teeth and she continued to snarl.

Power thrummed through him, the magic recognizing its own after so many years left to lie fallow in the earth and it surged, crackling along his fingertips, up his arms.

“Submit!” His very voice caused the earth to shudder and grass under the other wolf’s feet blackened and she yelped, but instead of submitting, she launched herself at him.

He was ready for her attack, and rolled easily.

But her teeth tore into the flesh of his neck and suddenly, that wasn’t magic or power in his blood. It was pure, unadulterated lust.

He hadn’t counted on that. Sure, he wanted her human form. But this wasn’t her, not really. This was a mindless, raving beast. Guilt was quick to follow the burn of want engulfing him. It was his job to protect her from all things. Himself included.

She bit him again and he floored her, got the beast on its stomach, arms locked behind its back. Goddess, but he was so hard and thick. The scent of musky female desire hit him hard and he looked down at her, the beast now looking slyly at him over her shoulder.

This darkness wasn’t mindless at all.

It calculated, it hunted, and most of all it hungered.

She squirmed against him, no longer fighting, but grinding her ass against his cock.

He was no pup to be led around by his dick. Even though she writhed against him, this wasn’t consent because

Victoria wasn’t in the driver’s seat. He flipped her over so that she was on her back and blocked out the bliss that washed over him when she locked her thighs around his hips.

Armand called his power again, but this time, he didn’t hold back. He let it flow through him ebullient and free. “Victoria!”

The trees shook and bowed their old and creaking branches, the cottages’ foundations rattled, even the dark flower opened its blooms and offered up its meal in submission to the voice of the Ardennes Alpha.

And the beast beneath him took her human shape.

Fear was bright in her eyes, but he held her fast. “You’re safe.”

“So are you,” she gasped, a kind of wonder on her face. “You really are the Ardennes Alpha.”

A chorus of unnatural howls split the night—a choir from Hell to welcome him.

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