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TBT: Reissues are NEW AGAIN

I have been busy behind the scenes getting things fixed and set up properly, and trying my best to get books on newer distribution sites. A few of my books slipped through the cracks, but I will say by the end of April, that will be fixed, hurrah!

This week, there was a wealth of reissues going into wider distribution, and one of my books went on preorder. Check it out below the fold!

First, Operation Love is now on preorder and it releases on April 10th. It has been edited and about 4000 words have been added to the book itself.


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Daisy, Dee to all her friends, has always had a crush on Mano. Sinfully delicious, he tempts her in the worst way.

Mano, whose call sign is The Shark, is dedicated to his Air Force career. And, he has his own hang-ups about marriage and the military.

After a night of drinking, they fall into bed together and after a night of mind blowing lovemaking, they can’t keep their hands off each other. But there is trouble in paradise when they both have to decide which is more important: their convictions or their love.

This is a previously released book that has been revised and edited. The original title was Au Loa Ko’u Aloha (Forever My Love).

Now in Wider Distribution! It is taking a little bit for some places to get it back up, but I am updating the links on the site as soon as I know about them!

Trusting a man with your life is always easier than trusting him with your heart.

Bounty Hunters, Inc- Sexy FuturisticSpace Opera fun!


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Del Littleton is having a bad month. Three jobs have gone south and the last one went sour with a dead body. It doesn’t help that Dylan O’Farrell, the federal agent who has been making her life hell for months is the one who finds her. The worst part is that even though she feels like smacking the cocky agent upside the head, she also wants to get him in bed.

Dylan knows Del is being set up. She isn’t the best bounty hunter out there, but she isn’t stupid. Before he can figure it out, they find themselves on the run, trying to protect Del from an unknown enemy. Spending time together nonstop causes the passion they’ve kept under wraps to explode.

Dealing with the emotions that bubble to the surface is harder than dealing with than that threat to Del’s life. And when they find themselves both in the crosshairs, trusting each other isn’t just about love…it’s about survival.


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Join Rafe Vicentes for the ride of his life….and the woman who will take him there.

Rafe isn’t settling in as a bounty hunter. He likes the job well enough, but for him, the discipline is sadly lacking in the business. The former federal agent isn’t all that excited about working for an agency ran by a former stripper that has a secretary who is convinced she’s psychic. Still, he isn’t about to turn down a high paying job to find Sasha Petosky, madam to the rich and powerful in DC. He’ll just have to keep his attraction under control and finish the job.

Sasha isn’t in the mood for the pushy bounty hunter, any more than she’s in the mood to be on the run from an unknown enemy. She doesn’t really have a choice but to trust the sexy agent with her life. With killers on their tail, Rafe decides to take Sasha into hiding. Alone in a remote area, it is hard to keep their hands off each other. But when the men after Sasha come calling, protecting their hearts becomes secondary to staying alive.


And, a SINGLE TITLE that has a small town murder mystery along with some steamy passion!


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A woman who can’t escape her past.

Althea Johnson would like to leave the past behind. The memories of her mother’s murder lurk in her dreams and someone wants her to remember. Deciding to return to the small Texas town where it took place to deal with the demons from that night.

A man who will do anything to protect her.

Duncan Perry can’t believe his best friend’s little sister has grown into such a wonderful bundle of curves. He is at first stunned by his reaction to her, but never one to be slow, he starts putting the moves on her. It isn’t until he is completely seduced by her that he realizes that she is putting herself in danger to solve the old crime.

A killer who will do anything to possess her.

As both of them fall in love with each other, the stalking and danger escalates. Women close to Althea’s description are being found raped and murdered. The new lovers work overtime to figure out just what went wrong 20 years earlier, not realizing the mysteries they will reveal could jeopardize everything they are fighting for.

This is a reissue and has been edited for content.



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