Operation Love - Melissa Schroeder

Operation Love

Operation Love is back and just as sexy as ever! I edited the book and added a little bit to it, so it is different from the original release. Enjoy this sexy tidbit from Mano and Dee, and be sure to check out the excerpt on the book page.


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Mano’s head was spinning as he tried to fit his key in the slot. Damn door kept moving.

Dee sighed, her aggravation apparent. “Here, let me.”

She stepped around him and grabbed the key, unlocking the door with no problem. She smelled good. Like ocean, sex and Dee. And it pissed him off that he wanted her so badly, and she didn’t seem affected at all.

“I resent women who take charge.” He didn’t care if he sounded like a baby. The woman was a pain in the butt. She was messing with his body, smiling at him, talking to him, trying to seduce him by being nice. It was sickening. Especially since he’d had a raging hard-on since the moment she picked him up.

He stumbled over the threshold of his doorway, and she grabbed his arm to keep him from falling on his face. Even though she saved him, he scowled at her and sauntered over to the couch and collapsed with a grumble.

“I would have never guessed you would turn into such a mean drunk.”

“I’m not drunk. I’m inhibitriated.”

She laughed. The sound of it raced through him, sending his head spinning from more than just the beer. “Yeah, I can tell. You going to be okay, make it to bed?”

He sat up and the whole room revolved. Squinting, he focused on Dee. Delicious Dee. Her hair was finally down, having slipped out of the topknot. Her arms were crossed beneath her breasts. Her nice, full breasts. Breasts that would be as smooth as a plumeria petal on a lei. And taste as sweet and tangy as a Lava Flow, the coconut, strawberry, and pineapple drink he’d started on after he’d had too many beers. Ohhh, he would love to glide his hand over her nipple, watch it tighten.

His cock went rock hard with the image. Man, he wanted her naked. And him. He should be naked. That would be good.

She was shaking her head. Was she refusing him?

“Mano, you better let me help you to bed.”

All right. That was more like it. She stepped forward, and helped him to his feet. Unsteadily, she guided him to his room. She accidentally smacked her shin on his end table and he ran into the wall. By the time they were in the room, both of them were laughing.

On the way to the bed, their feet tangled, and they fell together on his queen-sized mattress. She landed beneath him.

“Oh, my.” Her voice was unsteady and slightly husky.

A spark of lust ignited at the sound. Her breasts were pressed against his chest, her legs tangled with his and every bit of blood he had in his head shot straight to his dick.

He pulled himself to his elbow, and looked down at her. Her red hair spread out in disarray across his pillows. She pushed a few strands away from her blushing face as she struggled to get up. In all his life, Mano had never seen anything so downright sexy. She was sensual and sweet all rolled into one delectable package.

And for that reason, and the fact he needed to know how those full lips tasted, he bent his head and pressed his lips to hers.


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