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The thing about series

Hey, everyone. I have meant to write this blog for awhile, but I have so much on my plate, it has taken me awhile.

LoganI get emails from time to time asking about this series or that, and why it takes so long to get some series out.

First, it might take me longer to write the books. There is a reason I am known for contemporary romance. It is one thing I am very, very comfortable with writing. It was what I was first published in and I have a huge base of readers in it. So, the books don’t take me as long and they are much easier to write than say a historical or paranormal. (Let’s not even talk about historical paranormal romance)

Santini Book 6Now, the second reason is one that hurts more. I write for a living. I would LOVE to be independently wealthy and not have to worry about things like that, but I do. So, when a series doesn’t take off right away, I don’t give up on it, but I slow it down. If a series gets put on the back burner, it just means I need to make sure I can still earn a living AND put out a good product.

Case and point is the comparison of my Santini books to just about all my other series. The Santinis sell. Sell like CRAZY. Readers adore them, mainly  due to Papa and Joey. They spoke and I listened, hence, A Santini in Love and another string of releases that could be more than 10 more in the series. Anything on preorder is not changing. They will keep their release dates because I see those as contracts with readers. But, you might see some of my paranormals shift around in proposed release date if they have not been posted yet. I want to write them, but if the support is not there from the readers, I cannot put that in front of the Santinis.

Don’t get me wrong. I love writing ALL my books. I no longer have to write what a publisher thinks is important. Nope. I have the right to pick and choose. But I still have to make a living and with that, you will see my stronger selling series with faster releases.

LittleHarmlessSecret72 (1)So, if you love a series, make sure you get behind it. Tell your friends and leave reviews. That gets the word out and helps sell books. And I know, sometimes, even with wonderful support from fans, a series just doesn’t take off. It doesn’t have anything to do with how much fans support it. Sometimes, the market isn’t there. If it isn’t there, it just isn’t there. I will finish any series that I have in my self-publishing–but it will be finished. Now if the book is with a publisher, I have no control over it. Sometimes, there are contractual things or issues behind the scene that make it impossible for me to work with a publisher. That is just out of my hands and when I get the books back, the series will be finished. I just wanted to give you an explanation ahead of time before things shift and people wonder what happened.

I just wanted to give you an explanation ahead of time before things shift and people wonder what happened.

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