TBT: Infatuation - Melissa Schroeder

TBT: Infatuation

For those of you who love my Santinis, I have another military series that is a bit racier than that one. A Little Harmless Military Romance spun off the very popular Harmless Series. Here is the first one of the bunch.




To prove her love and save her man, she has to go above and beyond the call of duty.

Francis McKade is a man in lust. He’s had a crush on his best friend’s little sister for years but he has never acted on it. Besides that fact that she’s Malachi’s sister, he’s a Seal and he learned his lesson with his ex-fiancé. Women do not like being left alone for long months at a time. Still, at a wedding in Hawaii anything can happen—and does. Unfortunately, after the best night of his life, he and Mal are called away to one of their most dangerous missions.

Shannon is blown over by Kade. She’s always had a crush on him and after their night together, it starts to feel a little like love. But, after the mission, Kade never calls or writes and she starts to wonder if it was all a dream. Until one night, her brother Mal drags him into her bar and grill and Shannon gets the shock of her life.

Kade isn’t the man Shannon knew in Hawaii, or even the last few years. Losing a friend and being injured changes a man, especially one who had never felt so vulnerable before. He still can’t shake the terror that keeps him up at night. Worse, he is realizing that the career he loves just might be over.

Shannon is still mad, but she can’t help but hurt for the man she loves. He is darker, a bit more dangerous, but beneath that, he is the Kade she’s known for so many years. When he pushes her to her limits in the bedroom, Shannon refuses to back down. One way or another, this military man is going to learn there is no walking away from love—not while she still has breath in her body.

»WARNING: The following book contains: two infatuated lovers, a hard-headed military man, a determined woman, some old friends, and a little taste of New Orleans. Of course, there is a Dom who wants to be in a charge and a sub who wants to challenge him. As always, ice water is suggested while reading. It might be the first military Harmless book, but the only thing that has changed is how hot our hero looks in his uniform — not to mention out of it.

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He kissed her then, taking her lips in a hot, open- mouthed kiss. She was better than he dreamed. As he dove into her mouth, she hummed against his tongue. Every hormone in his body screamed, begging for relief, but there was one thing he knew. He might never get to do this again, and if so, he would make sure this would last him a lifetime.

He kissed a path down her neck, enjoying the taste of her flesh. God, she was so sweet. She arched into him, and he swore. He almost came then and there. No woman had ever gotten to him like this. He pulled away.

“Turn around.”

His voice was rough, and he saw that her eyes widened slightly. When she did as he ordered, she did it slowly, her hips swaying as she turned. The woman was going to drive him insane. There was no doubt about it. His hands were shaking when he lifted them to unzip the dress. He was careful not to jerk the delicate fabric, but it was hard. As the fabric spilt, it revealed a black lace corset, stockings, and mother help him, a thong.

She was definitely going to kill him. Blood rushed to his groin, and his head started to spin again. The dress fell away and pooled on the floor at her feet. When she turned around, his eyes almost crossed.

The corset was tight, pushing her generous breasts up to the edge and almost over the top. The stockings were attached by garters. As he allowed his gaze to drift down, he had to sigh. She was made for him. There was no doubt in his mind. He didn’t like thin women, disdained them. He liked a handful of a woman. One who knew her worth and who had more curves than he could explore in a lifetime.


He could barely hear her voice. He lifted his hand and skimmed the tips of his fingers over the delicate flesh above the lace. She shivered then moaned as he slipped his digit between her breasts.


He looked up at her and the frown she was giving him. “Don’t say no now.”

She smiled at that. “Not on your life, it’s just that…you have a lot of clothes on. I’m almost naked.”

He didn’t do anything. He couldn’t. He was still trying to come to terms with the fact that the woman he had lusted after for so long was standing in front of him in a corset.

He swore then that he was positive there was a God.





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