Music Monday: Logan's View - Melissa Schroeder

Music Monday: Logan’s View

I often talk about music as many of you know. So much of it inspires me to write . It also reminds me there is a life outside of my office and that I need to get out. When I was in high school, I was in band.

It wasn’t as cool as being in A band and not really cool at all because I was definitely a band nerd.
Anyway, Kiss Me by Ed Sheeran is all I can hear when I think of Logan and his feelings towards Meghan.  While she is definitely the party girl, there is a part of her that Logan sees, one she hides from everyone else. And, he is the one man she can’t use her siren abilities on is Logan. That makes him different and special and he has to prove that to her more than once in the book.

Coming TOMORROW everywhere!


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  1. Hope you are feeling well but was wondering if you had a release date for part 4 of only for him. Thank you very much

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