THE NEW SHORTS-and some magnets to win! - Melissa Schroeder

THE NEW SHORTS-and some magnets to win!

Okay, so for the longest time I have been saying I am going to put the shorts back out.  The problem is that I make very little money on these and I write them while I can. So, with all the appointments and PT, writing time is very limited. I am going to put these out separately for right now. One will come out every 3-6 weeks or so and exclusively on Amazon. Those of you with Prime and a Kindle, you can borrow them to read and they will be part of the Kindle Unlimited.

I will premiere the next group with a different cover treatment next week!







HS_BK3_600x900HS_BK4_600x900 HS_BK5_600x900








Now, I have some A Little Harmless Sex and A Little Harmless Secret magnets for two lucky folks! Just make a comment below and you get your name in the pot.

And don’t forget to go through THE BLOG HOP for your chance at more prizes and that Mini Ipad.


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26 Comments on “THE NEW SHORTS-and some magnets to win!

  1. Happy Anniversary and Congrats! You definitely deserve all the success in the world! And thank you for being such an amazing author and person!

  2. Woot! the shorts are fun and it will be cool to have them in a collection 🙂 and I like the colors.
    Get your butt better woman we need more books!!

  3. Love the cover colors for the shorts!!!! Get better soon!!!! Prayers are with you!!!!

  4. Love the new look of the covers. Take care of yourself first and let the rest follow second.

  5. Please tell me these will make it to epub/BN in the future. Kindle does me NO GOOD and I won’t read books on my desktop (hurts to sit too long, just like you). I understand your needs to make things easy and available to the most people though during this season of your life.

    I’m praying you feel better soon. I have hip and shoulder issues with my Type 1 Diabetes and took up chair yoga to aide in my PT. It’s been helping A LOT! I know you don’t need ANYTHING ELSE on your plate but it might help 😀 Take care.

    1. I was hoping to find out the same information. I don’t own a kindle, ipad or any type of android device and with 2 small children I have no time for desktop reading.

    2. I actually have an explanation coming up today about Kindle Unlimited and Prime and why I am putting books into it right now.
      Barnes and Noble has become a place where I sell hardly anything. When I do sell decently, I still get no reviews there. A few here and there but many of them are from Kindle readers who review there too to help me. Without the support I had there in the past, my sales have moved to Amazon. This gives me the ability to write the longer, new books. Harmless, Harmless Military, Santinis, and Clan will remain everywhere for right now.
      If you have a Nook Tablet, you can put the Kindle App on it and read from there. I have done it with mine in the past and I actually have a Nook App on my Kindle Fire too.
      This has more to do with sales and upping my visibility on Amazon. Barnes and Noble has given me little to no support as an indy author, even though I was one of their top selling authors at one time.I know some people will not be happy, but from a business perspective, this is worth a try right now.

  6. there is a stork circling O’ahu…looking real tired… I keep telling to come back in September, but he won’t listen…
    he said some guy with a nail gun and a bullwhip seemed insistent he should be here…

  7. Awesome, I’ve been trying to wait patiently for these and now they are finally coming…WOOHOOOOO!!! 😉

  8. I can’t wait to get these! I love the harmless series and can’t wait to re-visit these characters!

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