TBT: Sinner's Delight - Melissa Schroeder

TBT: Sinner’s Delight


Sinner’s Delight

Bounty Hunters, Inc Book Two

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I love futuristics. I love writing them and living in that alternate world. And, I LOVE being able to create a world completely of my own making.

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“A woman in your position would do well to learn to trust at least one person, especially the one saving her cute little ass.”

His smirk irritated her, more than she liked to admit. “A woman in my position?”

“You’re on the run, which I am sure you are more than used to.”

That misconception stung, as it always did when someone made it, but this hurt more than usual. Why, she didn’t really know. Maybe it was the stress of the last week that caused her to have the idiotic need to be accepted. Just once, she would love for someone to accept who she was without questioning her.

“I don’t want to talk about it right now. And if I tell you, what’s to keep you from selling the info, or me.” His eyebrows lowered, his frown hardened. “And don’t give me that look. Would you trust just anyone who showed up? I bet not.”

Vicentes opened his mouth to, undoubtedly, spout out another argument, when the airtrain shuddered to a stop. She watched as his argumentative pose took on the look of a predator, every muscle tensing for action. He stood and went to the door, leaning against the wall, out of view of the portal window. His hand moved to the arm holster and pulled out his gun.

“That was fast,” she said as fear curled into her stomach, then spread through her veins. She couldn’t deny that her heart had just fallen to somewhere in the vicinity of her feet.

Vicentes grunted, never taking his attention from the corridor outside their cabin. Nerves already overwrought from the last week stretched thinner as she waited for him to tell her it was okay. There were probably millions of reasons they would stop right out of the shoot. Maybe it was just a mechanical function, or some disturbance in their path. She knew the trains had to run a direct path to their destination, due to federal laws, so anything in its way would stop it.

The moment that thought had popped into her mind, shouts and gunfire erupted. Vicentes practically growled. Holstering his gun, he pulled out what looked like a pen, but when he pressed a button, a tiny bright spark made her jump. He held it close to the keypad. A few bright flashes from the contact and he was pocketing his little gadget and pulling out his gun again. He spun on his heel and grabbed her by the arm, pulling her up out of the seat. She expected him to head to the door, even thought she knew they couldn’t get out that way. Instead, he went the opposite direction. Which meant she was with a mental case because the door was the only way out and he’d jammed them in. It would just figure Vic would send her someone who was insane.

“Where –”

“We don’t have time to debate it.” As he spoke, he raised his gun and then shot at their window. The sound of the crashing Teflavar, plastic-glass, would probably bring whoever just boarded to their cabin. A gust of icy wind filled the cabin.

He tugged her, his fingers digging into her skin through the fabric of her sleeve. She dug in her heels which didn’t do any good because he was bigger and stronger. He ignored her and just pulled her along.

“Just what the hell are you doing?”

“My job.”

A burst of gunfire just outside their door sent another wave of panic dancing down her spine, her mind spinning. He released her arm, then retrieved another gadget. After leaning outside the window, he aimed the steel cylinder and pressed a button. A cord flew out of it, but she couldn’t see where it landed. He tugged on the contraption. Then without a word, grabbed her and pulled her against him.

He pulled more cord, wrapping it around their waists and securing it.

“Put your arms around me and lock your hands.”

She followed his orders, not even thinking twice about it. The tone in his voice told her he’d probably leave her to her fate if she didn’t listen to him. It wasn’t a chance she wanted to take, even if being this up close and personal with the man was driving her insane. Again, the scent of him filled her senses. Even with the danger and being scared enough to pee her pants, her body reacted. Her nipples tightened and a flush of heat chased away her chills. After sliding on a pair of gloves in quick, efficient moves, he looked at her and smiled. Before she read his intent, he leaned down, pressed his mouth to hers for a quick kiss. His tongued slid into her mouth, and before she was ready — but just long enough to make her knees turn into rubber and her body hum — he pulled back.

“Just what the hell was that about?” She tried to sound angry, but it was hard when even she could hear the arousal in her voice.

He reached up, grabbed hold of the cord, then looked down at her. The smile surprised and aroused her at the same time. Even with all the noise outside the door, the danger that apparently was ready to hunt them down, the world shrank away as she just stared up at him.

“I figured if something happened and I died, I deserved a little taste of heaven before I did.”

Then he jumped out the window, taking both of them into a free fall.



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