A Taste of Seduction - Melissa Schroeder

A Taste of Seduction

This is an unedited excerpt from the next By Blood book!

Seduction by Blood-coming January 20th, 2015


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His breath feathered over the fine hairs of Diana’s neck. The scent of him wrapped around her, teasing her sensSeductionByBlood600x900es, tempting her. In this moment, he could ask her to do anything and she would follow his command. How could this man do this to her?

“I have tried to stay away from you,” Malik said, his voice deepening over every syllable. He had an upper crust English accent, but there something else there. Something that hinted at dark desires and forbidden needs. Two things she should not even think about.

She did not turn around, could not. If she did, she would definitely make a fool of herself.

“Oh?” she asked.

A beat of silence and she continued to look out over the street but not truly seeing anything. She closed her eyes the moment she felt his finger against her shoulder. She shivered.

“Yes. I am not good for you.”

No man was. No man would be. She had given up on the idea of happily ever after the night of her wedding.

“You have decided you are no good for me, so nothing will happen?”

Why did she ask that? She didn’t want him. Not truly.

“Nothing should happen. Not between someone like me and a lady like you.”

Of course not. Men did not want her, not really. At least he was honest.

“I understand.”

“I do not think you do, Diana.”

He slipped in front of her. When she continued to look only at his chest, he gently placed his finger beneath her chin and raised it until her gaze met his.

His light green eyes were brilliant with need, one she had never seen in a man before. Not for her.

“I said that is should not happen,” he said leaning closer. His breath feathered over her lips. “I did not say it would not happen.”

He brushed his mouth over hers. She closed her eyes as he slid his hand around her waist and pulled her closer. His body heat surrounded her as he deepened the kiss. She trembled, not from fear but from the lust that pulsed through her blood.



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  1. I can’t wait! Malik seems like he will be just right for Diana. Book 1 was fabulous and I know I will love book 2.

  2. Fantastic teaser! Loved it and can’t wait. Oh and the cover is delicious!

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