Touching the Marine - Melissa Schroeder

Touching the Marine

Hard to believe the Johnson brothers is coming to an end. It boggles the mind. Of course, there will be a HUGE announcement soon about the fate of more Santini books.

Here is a little snippet from our upcoming couple, Jack and Hannah:)


Touch Me



“No embarrassment needed, darlin’. I will gladly sacrifice my modesty so that you can explore to your heart’s content.”

She laughed. “I bet you would.”

Still, she took him at his word. Pushing the sheet all the way down, she placed a hand on his chest, and skimmed it down his abdomen to his cock. He was already hard now, and she wrapped her hand around it, giving him long leisurely strokes. As she teased him, she bent her head and flicked her tongue over his nipple, smiling when he groaned.

“Damn.” It was the only word he uttered that she could understand as she kissed her way down his body.

She kneeled between his legs and gave his penis one last, long stroke before she took him in her mouth. It was nice to tease him as much as he had done to her over the hours they had spent in bed. His legs moved restlessly beside her as she continued on. His fingers dove into her hair and he molded the palms of his hands to the back of her head. Soon, though, he had apparently had enough.

He sat up and was going to roll them over, but she stopped him.

“Lean back. This is my time.”


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