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Tease Me and Tempt Me-Now on PREORDER

Now on preorder, the next two books in the Semper Fi Marines series! This May, both will be released within a couple weeks of each other. Now, other outlets do not allow me a preorder release but they will be released everywhere on that day.


May 6th, 2014

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Tempt MeThe man who could be general.

Jesse Johnson is a man everyone assumes will be a general. Everyone, that is, but Jesse himself. He isn’t sure if he wants to give that much to the military. His father has spent most of his life surviving a lonely existence with only his work for comfort. Jesse doesn’t want that—he wants it all.

The woman who tempts him to misbehave.

The last year has been bad for Zoe Jones. Her boyfriend was killed by some nasty guys who then put her in the hospital. She’s come to Virginia to heal not to fall for some by the book, drop dead gorgeous Marine with a chip on his shoulder. But one little encounter leads to a kiss and that kiss leads to all kinds of interesting entanglements. She knows it won’t last because he has big plans, but she can’t help but falling a little in love with him.

A Marine on a mission.

Jesse knows Zoe thinks they’re just having a bit of fun, but he has other plans. Forever kind of plans. He’s one man who knows how to organize a full on assault to get the woman he loves—and nothing will stop him.


Coming May 20th, 2014

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Touch Me

A man trying to forget.

Jackson Johnson had always planned to spend his life in the Marines serving his country—that is until

he came back from a mission with memories he’d rather not have. He feels like he’s circling the drain until he meets the new tenant next door. An altercation with her unruly dog has them at odds.

Veterinarian Hannah Richmond doesn’t have time for the surly Marine or any man for that matter. Still, resisting his kisses proves futile and soon she finds herself falling for Jack. For the first time in a really long time she discovers she might just want to try for that happily ever after—that is until her past comes back to haunt her. That is until he finds himself kissing her.

A woman who doesn’t have time for love.
A Marine determined to prove his love.

Jack knows Hannah is pushing him away because she wants to keep him safe but there is one thing she needs to understand: this Marine will never retreat until she surrenders.


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