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Hotter in Atlanta-A Liz Talley Contest!!!

Thanks, Melissa, for letting me hang out with you today. Funny thing that we’ve never met within writing circles, but we share mutual personal friends like that crazy Darla who writes the funniest blog about being an Air Force wife. I’m so grateful for authors like you who are generous and feature other authors you think your readers might like. Very cool.

IMG_4817_(16)So, about me – I’m from Louisiana and live in the Northern part of the state, though I spent seven years in New Orleans (and one stint in South Carolina when my hubby was in the Navy). My first book came out in 2010 and since that time, I’ve written 12 more, along with a new novella that just came out in January with Amazon Story Front. I write Southern contemporary stories and love writing out-of-the-box characters who aren’t perfect but find ways to overcome their own issues in order to open themselves up to love…and there’s usually some fun, kooky secondary characters who enrich the story (we have lots of those folks in the South J)

Today, I’m giving away a copy of Hotter in Atlanta, my new novella, which is probably more in line with what Melissa delivers to you gals. It’s a bit sizzlely and sassy and sexy and hot (and not just because it’s set in Atlanta in August). I’m crazy about my hero, Van Kane…and saucy Lola is kinda fun, too. It’s my first venture into writing short and I love that readers can snap up this story and read it while waiting for the doctor or in carpool. There is also a 10.00 GC up for grabs!

You can find out more about me and my books all over the web:


I’m always happy to have new friends and talk about books. And now for a question.  In a few weeks, I’m heading down to New Orleans for Mardi Gras (which is awesome because my February book His Forever Girl is set around the float building business.) So, tell me what your favorite city is to visit and why?

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  1. I’m not sure I have just one favorite. I love NYC as I was born there. I adore San Francisco and Charleston. I love Atlanta & Savannah as they are close enough for weekend getaway’s. I could visit Boston and DC over and over and I fell in love with Ottawa Canada last summer. So I can’t choose just one.

    1. Wow, you’re well-traveled, Donna. I love NYC – such energy! Never been to San Fran, though it’s on my list. Atlanta is nice (if not brutal in summer) and I’m visiting BC this summer (I know, wrong coast of Canada). It’s hard for me to choose a favorite city too. I’ll just have to keep searching I guess 🙂

      1. Thanks, Kimberly. I’m so glad Melissa let me pop in.

        Never been to Michigan and I’ve never really had much German food….except beer. My husband has just started brewing beer so I’m getting to taste a lot. Sound like an interesting place to visit 🙂 Thanks!

  2. My favorite place is Estes Park, Colorado. I spent many years there as a kid. My mother worked in the hospital there.

    1. Never been to Colorado, Maureen, though it looks so pretty. My son got to go with a friend this past summer and he loved it. They hiked a lot and rode bikes, and now he wants us all to go. But this summer I’m celebrating my 20th wedding anniversary with an Alaskan cruise from Vancouver to Anchorage, so it will likely have to be next summer. Glad you have so many good memories of fun in CO.

      1. I’ve never been to Alaska but it sounds awesome! I loved living in the mountains and miss it often. Both Colorado and Tennessee are beautiful. Granted I wouldn’t say no to some tropical paradise either. 😉

  3. Never thought about my fave city, every one I’ve visited has something that stayed with me. I think Budapest, Vienna are at the top of my list. I have lots on my bucket list, New Orleans is #1.
    Will be sure to look into your books. Thanks for the giveaway!

    1. You have definitely visited some cool cities. New Orleans is a good bucket list city because its so unique and the food is wonderful. Just make sure you don’t go in the late summer. It’s very steamy 🙂

      Thanks for poppin in to share with me 🙂

  4. Hi Liz!

    San Francisco has always held a special place in my heart, much like the song. The juxtaposition of old & new, the people, the beauty & quixotic ambience – it’s always been a wondrous place to me, & one I always love to visit, though it’s been a few years.

  5. Fav city to visit… I do not really travel much… but years ago I went on a Caribbean cruise… what beautiful beaches… the water was so clear.

    1. I’ve never been on a cruise to the Caribbean, but I did manage to go to Mexico. The water in Cozumel was the most beautiful shade of blue…though I didn’t think the beaches were as pretty as the ones on the Emerald Gulf Coast. I love the beaches there. Thanks, Colleen.

  6. New Orleans is my favorite place to visit!
    I love everything about that city! Music, food, culture. There is so much to do and always something to see! There are so many people from so many places all mixed together.

    1. It is such a great place to visit. The food just can’t be beat and the music isn’t bad either 🙂 When I started researching the city, I went down for a weekend and hit some good places for jazz on Frenchmen Street. It’s really close to the French Quarter and the music scene is hot there. Great culture experience 🙂

  7. You asked: What’s your favorite city to visit and why?

    I love going to Reno or Las Vegas. I plan my trips there to make sure I can fully enjoy the city and all that it has to offer. I like seeing the shows, walking along the strip, visiting the hotels and of course the one-arm bandit. 🙂 Either is just a fun city to visit! You never sleep and you eat a lot of fantastic food! What more can you possibility want?

    Thanks for the opportunity to share!

    Belinda G
    belgre at centurylink dot net

  8. I went to Vegas two years ago. We primarily went to see The Eagles perform at the MGM Grand but we did poke around the casinos. I rode that crazy roller coaster at New York, New York and played the carnival games at Circus, Circus. Hmmm…they like to repeat themselves in Vegas. LOL. It was a fun trip 🙂

  9. My favorite city is Savannah Georgia because of so many things… The tour they give is amazing, did you know that Julia Roberts apartment was in savannah georgia and Forrest Gumps bench is in Savannah whats not to love.. And the tours of the haunted mansions are awesome..

    1. I have had the opportunity to visit Savannah, and I’ve seen Forrest’s bench 🙂 We lived about an hour north of Savannah for a year and so we went several times to visit.

      Fun fact – the road Forrest Gump runs down in the infamous “Run, Forrest, Run” scene was on an island right outside of Beaufort where we lived. My husband ran it once, and I was supposed to film it with our video camera, but inside filmed my feet. Yeah, I didn’t know how to work the camera 🙂

  10. I love San Francisco. I have traveled to lots of places but my daughter was in San Francisco for a year. I got to go visit 4 times. SO much history packed into a small area. I was able to get all around the city using public transportation. I packed a lot of walking into those four trips and loved every up and down step. Absolutely nothing flat in SF.

  11. Not sure that I have a favorite. Recently got the chance to go to London and I loved everything about it! There is always something to do no matter what you like to do. You can enjoy anything from sightseeing and history to shopping and food!

  12. I guess I would have to say Minden is my favorite city. I can not seem to leave it, my parents are here as well as family and friends who make living here amazing. Minden is charming and the residents prove year after year how generous they are. An added bonus is how beautiful the town is at Christmas time.

  13. I don’t have just one, but I love going to Vegas with my girlfriends and hanging out without the kids.

  14. For health reasons, I don’t really travel. If I could, I would love to go to London, England.

  15. My favorite city is NYC. I have great memories of visiting my grandparents on the lower east side and seeing a Broadway show. I worked in the city for a while and enjoyed every moment of it.

  16. Another vote for San Fran, Las Vegas and NYC. And then there’s Minden. Of course, Kristi and I share that same hometown. It is a great small town and such the inspiration for my fictional small towns in regards to business and characters. I love visiting fun cities, but nothing holds the memories of the small town one grows up in.

    As for London, I have plans to go there in a couple of years. Fingers crossed that works out for me 🙂

  17. As the giveaway winds down, I wanted to take the time to thank Melissa for letting me come hang out at her blog, meet some of her cool readers and talk about my favorite places to travel…and tell a bit about my new novella. Really awesome of you to have some authors share a bit about their lives and give readers a chance to find someone new to enjoy in their reading. Again, thanks for having me, and I hope you readers will give my not-quite-as-hot-as-Melissa’s-books-but-still-fun books a try 🙂

    It’s been fun!


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