Chasing Luck - Melissa Schroeder

Chasing Luck

This story is fast and sexy. It was part of an anthology about the Fates. When I got the rights back, I decided to go ahead and rerelease it because it does stand on its own.




Luck is the ficklest fate, choosing where and when to dispense her work. But she’s tired of being the complete outlaw, running around the world, doing as she pleases. She wants to be a normal girl, as normal as a Fate can be, so she settles into a West Texas town, hoping for normalcy. What she found was Chase Franklin.

Chase has something to hide, something he doesn’t want discovered. To everyone in town, he’s just the sheriff, keeping order on a Mayberry kind of town. But little does anyone know he is actually an immortal god who has been plotting his revenge for years. When Hera offers him a golden opportunity, he jumps at the chance. He just never thought he’d fall in love with his one and only chance.


Chase studied Lu, wondering just what the hell was going through her mind. He’d never been that good at reading minds undetected. Shit, none of his skills were that good. For years after Chase’s grandfather’s request had been fulfilled, he’d disdained any use of them. Especially when he realized Zeus had done it for his own damn purposes.

“Now, Sheriff, just what do you want to discuss? I mean, I haven’t broken any laws—”
“Not recently. But then, you walked to work today, didn’t you?”
She pokered up just as he thought she would. Her skin flushed, her body vibrated with indignation, and another feeling of lust rolled through him. Damn, the woman did mad really well.
“That accident was your fault. And I’m waiting for parts. Besides, it’s a waste of a fabulous day not to walk.”
He ignored her snipping tone and walked further into her store. Just like the owner, the shop exuded clashes of color that just seemed to work. They should overpower a person, but it seemed to draw you in. He hadn’t been in before because he avoided her as much as possible since Hera had appeared. Even before that, Lu made him itchy from the inside out.
Since she’d bought the store and set up shop, the place had been doing good business. The closest place to shop was in San Angelo, but more people were curious about her. After hearing his deputies go on about her, he understood now why the two of them had developed a sudden interest in books.
“Really, I have to get ready for my customers.”
“I’m not stopping you.” He looked over the sections and was amused to find an extensive Mythology section. Lu probably got a kick out of people buying them.
“Your very presence distracts me.”
“Hmm, well that’s interesting to know.” Truthfully, the admission had heat pulsing through his veins, his cock twitching. “Why is that?”
She mumbled something under her breath, then said, “I can’t concentrate with people around.”
He didn’t laugh but it was a close call. “Sure, that’s understandable since you’re surrounded by people all day.” Noticing a book about The Fates, he picked it up and thumbed through it.
“Maybe it’s just you. Maybe you bug me and I don’t like you snooping around my store.”
He didn’t answer, just kept looking through the book. She huffed, then stepped in front of him, grabbing the book out of his hands.
“What do you want?”
He tried his best to look innocent, but he realized it wasn’t working when one eyebrow rose. So he tried a different approach.
“I’m wondering why I bother you.”
Her smugness dissolved, and she turned to place the book on the shelf. “You just bother me, that’s all. I want you to leave me alone.”
“You could have fooled me.”
She turned to face him and frowned. “I do? I haven’t done anything to you, well lately, and I want you to leave me alone.”
A mixture of alarm and suspicion whipped through him. Had Hermes warned her? If Zeus had gotten a whiff of Hera’s plans, it would fuck up all Chase’s plans. And she was a bit on the wary side since they came in the store. He had to keep his cool, stay controlled.
“I do have things to do.” Her authoritative tenor in her voice told him she expected no argument. She was pushing him away when normally she would be ready to spar. Something was definitely off.
Panic clawed at his throat, almost overwhelming his good sense. Maybe she did hear something. He had to do something, quick. Lu wasn’t any more immune to him than he was to her. So he did the one thing he could think of.
He reached out and grabbed her, pulling her against him. Her eyes widened, her mouth formed an “O” the moment before he bent his head and took advantage.


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