A Temptation From Rory - Melissa Schroeder

A Temptation From Rory

A little taste of A Little Harmless Fantasy, definitely NOT SAFE FOR WORK!



“Zeke doesn’t like to play at BDSM.”

She sighed and inwardly cringed at the wistful sound. She hated that she sounded like a little lost girl.

“I know.”

“I do though.”

She shook her head even though she knew it was true. She had heard the rumors, but she had never believed it because Zeke hated BDSM. He didn’t like playing either role with men or women.

Rory nodded, one side of his mouth curving up. God he was driving her crazy with small gestures. No wonder Zeke was so in love with the man. He could probably seduce the most conservative man into bed.

“And here’s a little secret,” he said, his voice rougher than before. He leaned closer until his mouth was against her ear. His warm breath feathered against her skin and she shivered.

She needed to get some control over the situation and, not to mention, her body. “What’s your secret?”

He chuckled and she realized he had been waiting for her to ask. “Well, love, Zee likes to watch.”

He teased her earlobe with his teeth as her brain shut down. God that felt good. She hadn’t had a man since Zee and it had been so long.

“He what?” She asked closing her eyes enjoying the way his teeth grazed her ear.

He took his sweet time answering her. Of course, she didn’t really care because what he was doing to her ear lobe had her entire soul humming.

“He likes to watch me tie a woman up and dominate her.”

The image he was creating was a little too much for her to deal with, but it was there now and there was a good chance she would dream about it tonight.

“R-really?” she asked.

“Yeah, and then, we fuck her until she can’t walk.”

She shivered again and tried to swallow. “Umm.”

“Or…we drive her crazy by making her watch us. Zee really does like a cock up his ass.”

Her brain was melting. And her body. That was melting too. Her panties were beyond damp and every sane thought she had evaporated. He tickled her lobe with his tongue. He smelled like sin and that is all she wanted to do. Sin. With him. And Zeke.

“Do you think you would like that, love?” He asked, his Irish lilt deepening over the words even more. Oh, lord, he was going to make her come just by talking to her and playing with her ear. What kind of man could do that? Apparently an Irishman because Maura was just about to lose it. He was dangerous with that mouth. She could just imagine what he would do with it on different parts of her body.

“Maura?” he asked and there was a hint of something else there. It was more of a demand and of course she responded.

“I-I’m not sure.”

He chuckled as he nuzzled her neck. Tendrils of need unfurled through her blood. He slipped his fingers along her jawline, then down to her breast. He hummed when he came in contact with her nipple. “I think you are, love.”

That was the truth. She could picture what he was describing and her body yearned. Her hormones were telling her to just hop on him and enjoy the ride. Hell, the man had her glasses fogged up. She wanted it so badly it scared her.


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  1. I was feeling cold this morning not any more. This a reminder to reread Harmless stories this winter to warm me up.

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