The Clan Revealed-Callum - Melissa Schroeder

The Clan Revealed-Callum

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About six months ago I started analyzing why Callum had not sold as well as some of my other books. The reviews were great, but readers just didn’t seem to gravitate towards the book. Sure, I could chalk it up to the fact that I am known for sexy, funny contemporaries. But, there was something else that was bothering me. I realized that my approach to the marketing was off, and that started with the covers.

I LOVED my old covers, but after talking to readers, many of them were confused. They looked too historical. They loved them as much as I did, but all of them assumed it was  historical.

After discussing it with some friends, I decided to redo the entire series from the ground up in the marketing area. Many of you know that I have worked with Scott Carpenter since I was first published in 2004, and he is the cover artist for these.




His duty was all that mattered.

Callum Lennon has one goal in life: protect his cousins. His failure in the past to do just that is what drives every action. When they discover a chance for redemption, Callum is willing to try. But trusting an outsider isn’t acceptable.

A woman in need of a new beginning.

An expert in archeology, Phoebe has always felt dwarfed by her parents’ shadow. In college by thirteen, she’s never measured up to her parents’ high standards. When the Lennons contact her, she decides to take a chance…and finds herself intrigued by the most insufferable man.

A passion impossible to ignore.

One argument leads to a kiss and to an unbearable desire they cannot seem to fight.  When an old enemy threatens their fragile new love, Callum will have to choose between believing his mind or trusting his heart.


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  1. well most of my books come on my kindle and I don’t see the cover,except when I see it on Amazon as Im ordering the book and Im almost done reading it now as you gifted it to me and Ill be sending you and Amazon and my favorite blogs the review tomorrow,but this is the first I saw of the cover and to be honest,the first few pages I thought it was a historical first and if the cover would have looked historical I would have assumed it was,but the current cover I think I would have had to read the blurb on the back of the book to figure out if it was contemporary or historical,because a lot of the historical covers lately have gotten a lot hotter than they used to be lol

  2. I always love seeing a mans chest. But I loved that in the first cover, seeing the full beard and those eyes….no worries, it’s all still good!

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