Callum and Phoebe - Melissa Schroeder

Callum and Phoebe

A little bit from Callum when they have their first kiss.


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Phoebe froze. Her breathing hitched and her heart stuttered. Every thought she possessed stalled then fizzled into nothing. She wasn’t accustomed to a brooding Scotsmen grabbing and kissing her. Hell, she wasn’t used to anyone doing that—which was a right shame—so she didn’t know how to respond. She just stood there, immobile, not able to even think of a response.

Callum pulled back. His breath feathered over her face. She shivered and opened her eyes. The harsh lines of his face seemed even more pronounced. His sleepy, bedroom eyes were barely open.

“Let me in, lass. Please.”

Stark need threaded his voice. It shook her to her core, spoke to her soul. Before she could think otherwise, she softened, eager to do as he bid. She opened her mouth, gladly accepting him. He growled, his tongue stealing inside, giving her a taste of him. Wild, possessive, delicious. His heat surrounded her, comforted her. The flavor of him captured her, enticed her. As he pressed against her intimately, she felt his arousal, and her body responded in kind. Her breasts grew heavy. Her mind spun as liquid heat poured through her veins.

He slipped his hands up her body, and she bowed her back, urging him to caress her breasts. She had to bite back her own growl as his knuckles brushed the sides of them before skimming up her throat and cupping her face. His fingers were strong and warm as they slid over her cheeks. Slanting his mouth over hers, he deepened the kiss.

Time suspended, stretched infinitely. She gave in to the craving she’d had since she’d first seen him, cravings that had filled her days and haunted her nights. With a moan, she moved her hands up to his shoulders then around to the nape of his neck, tangling her fingers in his hair. She wanted this, wanted him with a hunger so sharp it actually hurt. Her nipples hardened against his chest as he shifted closer, but she still wasn’t satisfied. Their layers of clothing irritated her. She wanted nothing more than to get him naked and feel his flesh next to hers.

Tension gathered in her stomach, circled then tightened and slid between her legs. Arousal crawled through her, and she knew at this moment she would do anything he asked, give him anything he needed.

As abruptly as it had started, it stopped, with Callum jerking away with a curse.

She protested with a moan and moved closer, but he stepped away, removing his hands from her. She almost lost her balance and fell over.


She opened her eyes and found him studying her as if she were some kind of unknown species. He was breathing as heavily as she, his face flush with embarrassment or excitement, she wasn’t quite sure which. Her gaze traveled down to the obvious bulge in his pants, and then shot back up to his face. It was then that the ramifications of her actions hit her.

Holy Mother of God.


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  1. I do love Callum!!! And now that I am distracted, I will try to get some Callum… Oops I mean, get some work done… See what you did, Mel!!!!

  2. I really enjoyed their book! I cannot wait to see what happens with the rest of the clan! 🙂

  3. Oh I’m in love all over again! Mmm Callum so sexy, now ima see him in my dreams tonight! LOL! Love him! 😉

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