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Hellooooo VA and some updates

I finally made it back to Virginia. It was an easy trip and probably one of the best pack ups we had in 20 years, if not the best one. Hopefully, everything was packed well and when we get it out of storage, we will still be happy.

I had some updates that are personal and some that are work related.

First work related, since most of you are who are regular readers of the blog.

Tease Me will be releasing in the next couple or so weeks. I am finishing it up now and it is going in for final edits. It did turn out to be a novella, so for those of you wanting a longer book you might be sad, but it also helps me keep the cost down. So there is a plus in that.

The Harmless Shorts was put on hold. It was my fault for not contacting my web folks to let them know. It was just one big screw up on my part. What happened was several of the shorts were written during my bout of anemia. When I started getting them ready for publication, I realized just how badly they were written. In the midst of my illness, I just didn’t see it. So, I refused to put them out and will be releasing them soon. I promise. I just couldn’t get them done with everything that is going on in my personal life.

Next on the agenda is A Santini Christmas, which will be releasing late November/Early December. Right now I am not saying anything else because I have some things going on behind the scenes and I hope to announce some exciting news soon!

Now, for the fun personal stuff. Les retired on September 6th. It has been a crazy long ride the last couple of weeks. After everything settled down from that, the movers were at our house and and we were hightailing it up here for the pre-drywall meeting at our new house. We got to do that yesterday and that was a lot of fun. We don’t get to move in until November, so we will be moving from the hotel into temporary quarters until then. Once I am settled there, I will be able to be more in touch with folks since our life will get back to normal. Right now in a room with two dogs, two kids and a hubby, I am kind of going a little crazy.



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  1. Thanks for the update on your ALWAYS intresting life! Tell Les to kick his feet up (for a day at least) and enjoy life! And Mel, you can do the same! We will be waiting when the books arrive! Plus that gives all your new fans that we have sucked in time to finish your books!!! Settle in & try to be normal for a bit (even though we know normal is for crazy people!!!)

  2. Congratulations on Les’ retirement. I am very happy to hear about the Santini Christmas story.

    As for the hotel room with two dogs, two kids and a hubby, I hear you. I was blessed with that madness (add one kid) for a month before we got to move back home after my hubby’s temporary assignment in Newark, OH. So much fun!

  3. It sounds like you need a vacation after all this upheaval. Try to get some rest whenever possible. Congrats to Les on his retirement.

  4. Glad to hear you arrived safely. So excited for all the upcoming releases and happy retirement to Mr. Mel once again. How will he keep himself entertained and out of your hair now that he has all the free time in the whole to run a mock? LoL!

  5. Congrats on Les’ retirement and thank him for his service to our country!

    Thanks for the update… can’t wait!

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