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The Next Phase

So, we are under 20 days until Les has his retirement ceremony. It is hard to believe that the journey we started here at Maxwell AFB almost 20 years ago is coming to an end. It has been a great ride, but I think both Les and I, not to mention our girls, are ready for our next phase.

We are building a house in Virginia. It is within 10 minutes of a Wegmans, so you know I am happy. The only dark spot is spending about two months in temporary quarters of some sort. Also, we won’t be able to see the house until we get up there. Thankfully, the project manager is sending us pics of the progress until we get up there.

The lot
The foundation poured
The foundation poured

I will probably be just a little crazier than usual.


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  1. I’m so excited for you! I remember how crazy and exciting things were for my mom when my dad retired (Army, 25 years). Although my sister and I were beginning and finishing undergrad by then, it was almost more difficult for us to even visualize one “forever home.” Even now, my husband of gets exasperated when I start a conversation with, “You know, we’ve been in this house for four years now…”

    Good luck!!

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