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DAY ONE Only For Him Cover Reveal

Hello!!!! I am so excited to be FINALLY be revealing these covers. Over the last 8 months or so, I have sat on them trying to figure out just how to release the books. And, I think I have come up with a great solution.

First, a little bit about the serial itself. I get a ton of email and questions about Addy, Amanda’s business partner and the very mysterious Vic Walton who owns Capital Punishment. The problem I had was that it wasn’t in Hawaii (they live in DC) and I didn’t want to fabricate a trip over there because it just seemed off. I saw Vic’s pursuit as something that would take awhile. He’s a very patient man, lol. So, going to Hawaii, not an option–at least for the entire book:) So, I thought a serial would fit them better.

Each part of the Serial will be released once a month starting in December. Each part will take place in the month it is released, so we are starting off with the holidays. And, best thing about them: THEY ARE ALL FREE. Yep, you read that right. They will be released on my website for free. Of course, newsletter subscribers will get them earlier than everyone, so make sure you sign up.

Now, onto the cover reveal! Each day, I will reveal a new cover. And, today, is part one. I will pick FIVE WINNERS for the Rough n Ready Bags filled with good stuff, including the great trading cards. Make sure you tweet it every day because you can earn up to 25 points total by tweeting every day.

The contest will end on Monday, August 19th.



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39 Comments on “DAY ONE Only For Him Cover Reveal

  1. I’m more of a paranormal romance junkie myself, so I love any setting that is woodsy and castle-like!

  2. Don’t have a special place. But I do like when it’s somewhere I’ve been before. It’s like revisiting that place.

  3. Yay!! I can’t wait. To read these!! I don’t think I have a favorite location. I love them all because I get to take a small vaca from my own world to wherever they are.


  4. I actually prefer settings where nature is beautiful and easily accessible, but the perks of the city aren’t too far away. Always enjoyed the Hawaii series, but personally have a love for the mountains as well….. Not particularly picky.

  5. I prefer exotic (including Hawaii) locales because I’ve never been to these places and probably never will. I like to live vicariously through the stories.
    BTW, the cover is awesome.

  6. I’m an Addict, so I have to say HAWAII!!! But I love locations on the West Coast (since I am a Cali girl at heart!!!)

  7. I guess The Smokey Mountains would be mine. I love the changing of the seasons. Yes I judge a book by the cover and this one is great.

    1. And I like a romance set in secluded, natural places. Hot springs, mountains, island beaches. But, really, if it is well written, location is just extra.

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